NFL Owners Net Worth: How Much Are The Owners Of NFL Teams Worth?

NFL owners have often been described as affluent people as the position requires a lot of restrategizing, planning, and investing.

The net worth of NFL owners ranges from millions to billions of dollars with some being ranked as the richest NFL owners and others poor.

Here is a list of NFL owners and their net worth

1. David Tepper of Carolina Panthers is the richest NFL owner and is worth 14.5 billion dollars.
2. Jerry Jones, owner of Dallas Cowboys is second to David with a net worth of $8.9 billion.
3. Stan Kroenke of the Los Angeles Rams is worth $8.2 billion.
4. Shahid Khan, Jacksonville Jaguar’s owner is also worth 8 billion dollars.
5. Stephen Ross, Owner of the Miami Dolphins has is a net worth estimated at $7 billion
6. Robert Kraft, Patriots owner is the 6th richest NFL owner with a net worth standing at 6.9 billion.7. Arthur Blank, Owner of Atlanta Falcon’s net worth is currently estimated at $6.2 billion.
8. Terry Pegula of Buffalo Bills is worth $5.4 billion.
9. Stephen Bisciotti, Baltimore Ravens owner is also a billionaire with a net worth of about  $4.9 billion.
10. Janice McNair, Houston Texans owner is worth $4.1 billion currently.

The Seattle Seahawks owner Paul Allen was the richest owner in the NFL before he died in October 2018. However, he handed over the team to Paul of the Allen trust by this. By this, his net worth cannot be pinned to the team.