NFL Owners Political Donations: How Much Did NFL Owners Donate To Political Parties?

NFL owners whether ranked as richest or poorest are opulent by all standards and as such play vital roles not only in their respective teams but also in other associations and affiliations.

Scoring of political points and victories have often been associated with teams in the league. Though the validity of how this works is not known most NFL owners donate to political parties for much similar reasons.

During the 2020 elections, NFL owners have reportedly paid out 10 million dollars towards Republican campaigns and $1.9 million dollars going towards the Democratic Party.

Here is a list of NFL owners who made political donations and how much they gave out.

Michael Bidwill

Arizona Cardinals owner Michael Bidwill is said to have given $74,900 to the Republicans and $3,500 to Democratic campaigns.

Mike Brown

The owner of the Cincinnati Bengals donated $30,000 to the Democrats and $49,400 to the Republicans during the 2020 elections.

Robert Kraft

The New England Patriots owner, Donated $5000 to Trump’s inaugural committee towards the election.

Dean Spanos

The Los Angeles Chargers owner is a contributor to the Gridiron PAC, to which he has donated a combined $25,000 over the last four years.

Amy Adams Strunk

The owner of the Tennessee Titans donated $400 to the Republican National Committee in 2016 and $25,000 to the Gridiron PAC.