Luken aka Luca Nadotti is a professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Player and a Twitch Streamer all the way from Argentina. Along with CS: GO, he also streams Slots and Dead by Daylight on his Twitch channel.

Currently, Luken plays as a rifler (lurker); an in-game leader from the team Sharks Esports. He has been playing CS: GO since 2017.

Luken’s [Twitch Star], Bio, Age, and Girlfriend

Luca Nadotti is the birth name for an Argentine Twitch Star Luken. He has over 193K followers on Twitch.

Luken was born on March 26, 1997. As of now, he is 23 years old.

Young Twitch Streamer, Luken has not found any perfect girl for him yet. He is unfortunate about his love life, hence single at the moment.

Name Luken (Luca “Luken” Nadotti )
Birthday March 26, 1997
Age 23 years old
Gender Male
Nationality Argentinian
Profession Streamer
Instagram lucanadotti

Luken’s Game Settings and Instagram

Luken is a professionally skilled CS: GO, player. According to Pro-settings, he plays with the Mouse Settings: DPI=800, Sensitivity=1.20, eDPI=960, Raw input: on, Hz=1000, Zoom Sensitivity= 1.10, Windows Sensitivity= 6 and Mouse Acceleration : Off. Likewise, Monitor Settings: Resolution=1280*960, Aspect ratio=4:3, Scaling Mode: Stretched and Hz=240.

Luca Nadotti is active on Instagram with over 89K followers.

10 Facts About Luken

  1. Luca Nadotti aka Luken was born in Argentina on March 26, 1997. By the time he is 23 years old.
  2. He is a professional CS: GO player and the most notable name in the industry of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Players.
  3. Luken has been active in this gaming industry since 2017 and gained a lot of fame since then. This handsome hunk is single at the moment.
  4. Currently, Luken is playing as a rifler in the team, Sharks Esports.
  5. He also had played from Nocturns Gaming, Furious Gaming, Coscu Army, Zeta Strike, Evyaert Esports, etc.
  6. Twitch is the world’s leading live streaming platform for gamers. Luken is also streaming through Twitch and has over 193kfollowers.
  7. Averagely, he earns about $3000-$15000 yearly.
  8. The streamer also has a Youtube channel under the name Luken with63.9K subscribers.
  9. For live streaming, Luken uses Monitor: BENQ XL2546, Mouse: ZOWIE S1DIVINA EDITION, Mousepad: STEELSERIES QCK+, Keyboard: HYPERX ALLOY FPS PRO, and Headset: HYPERX CLOUD II. The whole set up is done with CPU: INTEL CORE I9-9900K and GPU: NVIDIA GEFORCE RTX2080.
  10. Luken is active on Instagram with over 89K followers.