Jan Tieleman Jacobus Cremer’s biography, fact, career, awards, net worth and life story

From Ghana
Gender male

28 March 1795, Middelburg, Netherlands


1 July 1832, Elmina, Ghana
(aged 37 years)

Star sign Aries

Jan Tieleman Jacobus Cremer (28 March 1795 – 1 July 1832) was a Dutch colonial administrator on the Gold Coast. He was interim commander from 1832 until his death on 1 July.

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Jan Cremer was born in Middelburg to Johannes Bernardus Cremer and Elisabeth Johanna Bogaerds. He was originally employed as a clerk in his native Middelburg, before opting for a career in the colonial administration. He was appointed assistant on the Dutch Gold Coast by royal decree of 14 January 1826. In 1828, he succeeded Jacobus van der Breggen Paauw as bookkeeper, secretary, fiscal and cashier. On 28 April 1832, he became commander at interim, after his predecessor ad interim Friedrich Last left for the Netherlands. Jan Cremer died barely two months in office, on 1 July 1832. He was buried in the Dutch Cemetery of Elmina.

Personal life

Jan Cremer married Pietronella Anthonetta Geijp in Middelburg on 24 April 1816. They had three children.