Are Marit and Marion still friends?

M2M were a Norwegian pop duo comprising Marit Larsen and Marion Raven. Larsen and Raven had been friends since the age of five, and formed a music duo when they were eight.

M2M (band)
Labels EMI Atlantic
Past members Marion Raven Marit Larsen

Is Marion Raven married?

Andreas Wiig
m. 2013–2015
Marion Raven/Spouse

How old is Marit Larsen?

38 years (July 1, 1983)
Marit Larsen/Age

Where is M2M from?

Lørenskog Municipality, Norway

WHO IS M2M singer?

Marion Raven
Marit Larsen
Marion Elise Ravn (born 25 May 1984), better known abroad as Marion Raven, is a Norwegian singer and songwriter. Raven formed the pop duo M2M with Marit Larsen, though they ceased performing together in 2002.