Billy Jensen Sexual Assault Allegations – What Happened To Jen Tisdale?

Billy Jensen Is Accused Of Sexual Assault Allegations

Jen Tisdale spoke about her experience and sexual assault on her podcast that she faced while she was in a relationship with Billy Jensen.

Jenn told her story about how she was victimized by Jensen. She also verified the allegations that Murder Squad was canceled by Exactly Right. Jensen is thought to be a serial sexual harasser and assaulter.

Billy is a true-crime journalist who focuses on unsolved killings and missing individuals. After 17 years of publishing hundreds of tales with no conclusion, he became frustrated and began to solve the crimes himself.

Billy has solved or assisted in the investigation of ten homicides. Billy is now sought out by law enforcement agencies to assist them in situations where they are stumped, and he is referred to as a “consultant digital detective.”

What Happened To Jen Tisdale?

People are starting to talk about Jen Tisdale after she recently pointed out Billy Jensen as a harasser when they were together.

Some people are supporting her and telling her she is brave to speak about such a serious issue while there are also some people that are claiming her to be speaking falsely as Jensen was going great deeds.

Jen spoke on a podcast about all her experience and the problems she faced with Billy which were mostly related to sexual assaults. You can also listen to podcasts on the web.

 Jensen is best known for his role in the Golden State Killer case, in which a serial killer in California committed at least 13 murders, over 50 rapes, and over 100 burglaries.

The crimes occurred between 1974 and 1986, with Joseph James DeAngelo, the accused killer, arrested and charged with murder, kidnapping, and abduction in April 2018.

Jen Tisdale Case Has Caused A Drama On Reddit 

After Jen Tisdale talked and accused Billy Jensen in her podcast, Reddit users are discussing this matter.

It’s tough, according to one user. He only needed to pause for a few moments to catch his breath before continuing. He recognizes the indications of domestic violence and sexual assault because he is a murderer.

They were common threads in many of the stories they had heard. Billy is sickened by the fact that he’s told stories with the identical warning signals he’s telling here.

“Realistically, they’d have to do an inquiry before terminating him as well, or Billy would be able to pursue a wrongful dismissal claim,” another user commented.

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