Bryan Harsin Affair Allegations With Clesi Crochet – Is The News Real Or Hoax?

There are rumors that the new defensive coordinator at Auburn, Bryan Harsin has an affair with Clesi Crochet.

American football coach Bryan Harsin is currently in charge of the Auburn Tigers. After the Tigers’ offensive and defensive coaches left, he recently joined the squad.

Moreover, Harsin will be under pressure to live up to players’ and spectators’ expectations because the team has long been known for its exceptional defensive tackle. Recently, there have been discussions about this on social media, and sports fans can be seen taking sides.

While we ponder the future of the Auburn Tigers, a new rumor regarding the relationship between Bryan and coach Clesi has surfaced. Let’s learn more about him below!

Did Bryan Harsin’s Affair Have An Affair With Clesi Crochet? Allegations Explained

There are rumors that Bryan Harsin had an affair with Clesi Crochet, his assistant at Auburn. Moreover, the allegations against Bryan Harsin have been spreading all over the internet. So far, Bryan Harsin and Clesi Crochet have a great working relationship and have cooperated closely for the team’s sake.

Nevertheless, their dating and affair rumors are yet to be confirmed. The two have not yet addressed the rumors, but we speculate that their relationship is a professional one. In fact, people believe that Harsin and Clesi are good friends instead of being romantically involved.

Further, the coaches must address the rumors and either confirm or refute them. It was just another rumor swirling around the sports industry at that time.

Bryan Harsin’s Wife And Daughter

Kes Harsin is Bryan Harsin’s wife, and they have been together for more than 20 years. Recently, their marriage has received more attention, and it is rumored that the two are currently going through a difficult time. On the other hand, the couple has two daughters and a son.

Similarly, Bryan’s daughters Dayn Mykena Harsin, and Devyn Lynn Harsin, and his son is named Davis Harsin. His wife and three kids make up Harsin’s family.

Besides this, Bryan’s allegation began following his claimed liaison with Clesi Crochet, his assistant coach. His interpersonal issues with his wife cannot be substantiated, just as his affair with Crochet cannot be confirmed.

One of the three must emerge and settle the matter. The spectators remain in the dark and indulge in the whispers and gossip around them until that time.

Will Bryan Harsin Get Fired Over Rumors?

The board members of AU University will ultimately decide on this. However, we know that Bryan has finished his first year at AU, and his remaining days at AU will be interesting to follow.

Bryan may or may not be dismissed, but Sacbee reports that he has decided to depart Auburn.

According to Bryan, “He left Auburn because we were treated like we weren’t good enough and like dogs,” according to ESPN. Harsin continued by saying that he was repelled by an attack on my character. That is not who he is.