Cedric From Beyond Scared Straight Instagram – Where Is He Now?

Cedric From Beyond Scared Straight is active on Instagram. Read below to know about his Instagram and where is he now?

Cedric is the owner of the business selling hookahs and the boutique name Cedric Shiesty Boutique.

Cedric from Beyond Scared Straight – Where is He Now?

Cedric was a teenager who struggled with his sexual identity.

He played together with another popular character of the show named Ms. Foxy, a male-to-female trans. Cedric and Ms. Foxy’s reunion went viral on the internet. With the two of them romantically linked together.

The two of them have been sharing photos of them on social media.

The series was an A&E reality show that sent at-risk teens into prison. The reason to get a glimpse of what their lives would be like if they continued down the paths, they were on.

Cedric On Instagram

Cedric is pretty active on Instagram.

His Instagram handle is @cedriciconic. He currently has 38.4k followers.

Cedric Age: How Old Is He?

Cedric’s age is not revealed on the internet.

The teenager appeared on the episode of ‘Beyond Scared Straight’ 10 years ago. So, he should be in his mid-twenties currently.

What is His Real Name?

The real name of Cedric is unknown.

He goes by the name Cedric on his Instagram account. And everyone who has watched the series knows him as Cedric.

Cedric does not have a Wikipedia page to his name.

The troubled teen is now a grown man and is now an entrepreneur.

His Instagram bio reveals that he has a business of hookahs. And also owns a boutique.

Cedric is widely popular for his part in the series with an inmate, Ms. Foxy.

Ms. Foxy schooled him and taught him how to respond to haters without getting into violence.

She also gave him advice about his sexuality. Her dialogue in the scene, “I Was Waiting for You at the Doe,” went viral and is still popular.

The show is incomplete without the iconic dialogue.

Recently, Cedric and Ms. Foxy were seen together on social media. And the audience went crazy thinking they are a couple now.

But Cedric has stated that he and Ms. Foxy are just good friends.

He says that she has become his mentor. They have maintained a special bond over the year.

Cedric from Beyond Scared Straight series has not revealed his net worth.