Dwayne Johnson Shares ‘DC League Of Super-Pets’ Post-Credits Sequence Featuring Black Adam & Dog Anubis

Dwayne Johnson is uncovering the full post-credits course of action from “DC League of Super-Pets”, in which Johnson is featured as the voice of Superman’s canine, Krypto.

In the gathering, which the past WWE champion shared by means of virtual diversion, he’s similarly voicing a few distinct characters: Black Adam (bound to be found in the consistent with life DC film) and his canine, Anubis.

Everything begins with Krypto playing get with a flexible Batman, his “most adored toy,” when it suddenly vanishes; investigating, Krypto sees the toy in the jaws of Anubis.

“That is my toy,” Krypto charges. “For what reason is it in my mouth?” Anubis replies.

All of a sudden, Black Adam floats to the ground behind Superman, who remembers him by name.

“Your owner’s a legend too?” asks Krytpo.

“Screw-up,” says Anubis. “It’s on a very basic level like a legend yet way cooler. You make up your own standards and subsequently you break them. Similarly, you can dismiss most upstanding shows considering the way that no one can stop you.”

“Certainly, that sounds a ton like a miscreant,” Krypto replies.

“Screw-up,” Anubis requests.

“In case he’s foe of a legend then isn’t he a trouble maker?” requests Krypto.

“Surrender he’s a legend or Black Adam will demolish you!” Anubis snarls.

“Exceptionally trouble maker thing to do.”

“It’s a barely perceivable contrast, honestly,” yields Anubis before Krypto issues a test. “To be sure, anything he is, I bet he can’t go to Pluto” he says, in this way, with everything taken into account Anubis gets Black Adam by the cape and rockets extremely high — leaving Krypto’s toy, which he happily recuperates.

“The world is starting to stew with enthusiasm about the earths breaking SUPERMAN versus BLACK ADAM⚡️showdown one day,” Johnson wrote in the caption.

“In any case, up to that point… BLACK ADAM’S DOG ~ ANUBIS⚡️ has two or three choice words for SUPERMAN’S DOG ~ KRYPTO,” he added. “The definition and thinking of ANTIHERO is exceptionally fascinating… .And YES… . Accepting that you listen eagerly, I voice BOTH DOGS AND BLACK ADAM in this scene.”