Fact Check: Is David Attenborough Dead Or Alive? Everything On His Wife And Net Worth

95-year-old natural historian David Attenborough made headlines when news of his death started circulating the internet. Is he dead or alive? Let’s find out.

Born and raised in Isleworth, England, David Attenborough grew up around scholars. His father, Fredrick, was the principal of University College in Leister.

In the comfort of his two brothers and two sisters, he grew up collecting fossils and stones and was interested in nature around him.

By 11, he was a regular visitor of the college grounds, gathering his collection by the ponds.

Now, David Attenborough is all set to release his new documentary called Earth Shot.

Fact Check: Is David Attenborough Dead Or Alive?

Yes, David Attenborough is alive and healthy. The vegetarian man delivered the news of his disease to viewers in the year 2021.

The 95-year-old is suffering from memory loss, finding it increasingly difficult to work.

The naturalist expressed his frustrations when having a hard time recalling the name of particular yellow fields.

Indeed, the old ma has spent most of his life around these floras and faunas. Having their names disappear from his memory would bring mental stress to anyone.

But still, he has no plans to retire.

Previously, Attenborough had a pacemaker fitted as well as a double knee replacement surgery.

How Old Is David Attenborough? His Wife And Family Details

Naturalist David  Attenborough’s age is 95 years old as he was born on 8th May 1926.

He was educated at Wyggeston Grammar School for Boys in Leicester, later getting a scholarship to Clare College to study geology and zoology and obtaining a natural sciences degree.

After five years, he met the love of his life in 1950. David and his lover Jane Elizabeth Ebsworth Oriel tied the knot in an intimate ceremony and have two children: Robert and Susan.

Like his father, Robert became a senior lecturer in bioanthropology and Anthropology while Susan became a headmistress in a primary school.

Disaster struck the Attenboroughs when Jane died in 1997.

What Is David Attenborough Net Worth 2021? More About His Documentaries

As of 2021, the net worth of Attenborough is 35 million dollars. He makes and spends his millions by working as a broadcaster and a presenter.

David started his career as a director and senior manager at BBC in the late 90s. He used to work on freelance writing and producing as a side gig.

After conducted deep research on the situation of the Earth, he wrote and narrated the life series.

The naturalist has gone on to write many documentaries. A life on Our Planet, Frozen Planet, Planet Earth, and Blue Planet being the most notable ones.