Haganezuka Face Reveal, The Demon Hunter Looks Surprised Many On Reddit

It’s typically about an explorer or somebody who needs to get a ton of supporters. The face uncovers of Hotaru Haganezuka is an uncover around one of the series’ characters. Peruse the article beneath to be aware of Hotaru Hagenezuka’s face uncover.

Haganezuka Face Reveal Chapter 117 In Chapter 117, Swordsmith Haganexuka uncovered his actual personality. In the following shed, Gyokko cuts Kozo Kanamori while wildly safeguarding Hotaru Haganezuka from the Demon.

Hotaru is engrossed with fixing the blade Tanjiro gave him, uninformed about their presence, mumbling about the mind blowing flawlessness of its production. Gyokko analyzes him and discovers that he isn’t the head inferable from his age.

The Demon shouts to Hotaru, yet he disregards him and keeps on discussing the eccentricity of the sharp edge, which puzzles Gyokko. Jealous of Hotaru’s commitment to his specialty, Gyokko more than once cuts him and request another fish Demon to assault Kozo.

At the point when Hotaru’s veil tumbles off because of the assault, showing his face, Kozo goes to attempt to shake him out of his dormancy. Gyokko is endeavoring to break the swordsmith’s resolute determination.

Reddit Thinks Swordsmith Is Good Looking Swordsmith Haganexuka wears a haori with sunflower designs and a wide woven cap with flower wind tolls hanging from the edge.

His face is camouflaged by a Hyottoko cover, which is folded over his head in spotted cloth (wooden celebration veil). Hotaru has long, dark hair, sharp eyes, and thickly etched foreheads when he is revealed.

Hotaru, nonetheless, has a few profound scars and cuts from the Demon all around his body, remembering a X-molded scar for his face, and has lost the capacity of his left eye because of being assaulted by Upper-Rank Five, Gyokko.

Hotaru Haganezuka Real Name and Demon Hunter Character Background Hotaru Haganezuka is a blazing tempered swordsmith who has all the earmarks of being uninterested about something besides the swords he makes.

His energy for blades is solid to the point that he can discuss them for a really long time, which is remarkable even among Swordsmith Village inhabitants.

He is effectively irritated by fighters who break his manifestations, especially Tanjiro Kamado, no matter what the conditions, because of the very love that drives him to produce blades.