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Han Dong is a Canadian legislator. He is presently filling in as the individual from parliament (MP) for Wear Valley North. Sitting as a free, Dong was chosen for the Place of Hall in 2019 as an individual from the Liberal Party. He recently filled in as an individual from common parliament (MPP) for Trinity — Spadina from 2014 to 2018, with the Ontario Liberal Party. In Walk 2023, Dong ventured down from the Liberal assembly in the midst of claims that he exhorted the Chinese diplomat general in Toronto against the arrival of Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig and assisted the department with meddling in the 2019 government political race.

Han Peng Dong MP was born in 1977 (age 46 years) in Shanghai, China. He moved to Toronto with his folks when he was 13 and they got comfortable the Parkdale neighborhood of Toronto. He filled in as marketing overseer of Chianti Food sources and afterward with the non-benefit Canada Shanghai Business Affiliation. Since doing the change to governmental issues, he burned through nine years at Sovereign’s Park filling in as Ontario Liberal bureau serve Gerry Phillips’ MPP contact, and most as of late as a senior consultant of local area outreach under then Citizenship and Movement Pastor Michael Coteau.

Han Dong ran in the 2014 common political race as the Ontario Liberal applicant in the riding of Trinity — Spadina. He crushed New liberal occupant Rosario Marchese by 9,175 votes. He was Parliamentary Aide to the Clergyman of Preparing, Schools and Colleges; Parliamentary Partner to the Pastor of Energy; Parliamentary Right hand to the Priest of High level training and Abilities Advancement; Parliamentary Colleague to the Clergyman Answerable for the Destitution Decrease Technique; Bad habit seat of the Standing Panel on Money and Monetary Undertakings.

Name Han Dong
Net Worth $5 million
Occupation Politcian
Age 46 years
Height 1.75m

Dong is an individual from the Select Council on Sexual Brutality and Badgering; an individual from the Standing Board of trustees on Open Records; individual from the Standing Panel on Evaluations. He additionally filled in as the Seat of The Bureau Board of Regulations and Guidelines. In February 2016, he acquainted a confidential part’s bill with permit and control the Ontario home examination industry, which provoked the Ontario Liberal government to draft its own administration regulation for that reason.

In Walk 2017 Dong presented another confidential part’s bill, the Dependable Lifts Act, setting time limits on fixes of lifts in private structures. The bill was effectively passed. Dong noticed the difficulty unavailable lifts presented to the older, and to guardians whose kids required buggies. In the 2018 commonplace political race, Dong was crushed by New Just competitor Chris Glover in the reallocated riding of Spadina — Stronghold York.

He enrolled as a competitor in the 2018 Toronto civil political race, to address Ward 20 on Toronto City Chamber. After the quantity of wards in the city was diminished from 47 to 25, Dong didn’t refile his bid by the September 21, 2018, deadline and was consequently considered to have removed. On July 4, 2019, Dong affirmed his appointment for the government Liberal designation in Wear Valley North following the retirement of occupant MP Geng Tan. Dong was chosen for Parliament in the October 2019 government political race.

Han Dong was reappointed as the MP for Wear Valley North in the September 2021 political race. Dong as of now fills in as the co-seat Canada-China Authoritative Affiliation. Dong is likewise an individual from the Standing Board of trustees on HR, Abilities, and Social Turn of events and the Situation with People with Inabilities, and an individual from the Standing Council on Admittance to Data, Security, and Morals.

On February 24, 2023, Worldwide News detailed that its insight sources with information on Canadian Security Knowledge Administration (CSIS) issues revealed that Dong was an affirmed “witting member” in China’s political race obstruction organizations. Sources guarantee that State head Justin Trudeau and senior Liberal party authorities disregarded CSIS alerts about Dong, which has been denied by Trudeau.

A similar article likewise guaranteed that a “Liberal insider” and previous Ontario MPP Michael Chan had conceivably organized Tan’s ouster in Wear Valley North for Dong ahead of the 2019 government political decision on the grounds that the Chinese Socialist Coalition (CCP) was discontent with Tan. Chan, Dong, and the Chinese consulate denied the allegations, with Dong depicting the breaks as “genuinely wrong”.

Han Dong and the Liberal Party likewise said that his 2019 selection triumph had observed the party’s all’s guidelines. As per an unknown knowledge official and knowledge reports saw by Worldwide News, CSIS had likewise been exploring Dong because of a supposed gathering among Dong and a senior authority from the CCP’s Unified Front Work Division in New York State.

Dong has expressed that he would invite examinations against himself to demonstrate his innocence however denies the requirement for a public request. In light of these claims, Trudeau has likewise dismissed these charges as “unreliable” and a consequence of hostile to Asian bigotry against Dong. He additionally focused on that Dong is obviously faithful to Canada.

In Walk 2023, he said that he was at this point to be reached by the Illustrious Canadian Mounted Police, Races Canada, or CSIS concerning the charges and that he maintained that reality should become obvious. On Walk 22, 2023, extra revealing from Worldwide News, in view of two public safety sources, expressed that in February 2021, Dong had contacted the Department General Individuals’ Republic of China in Toronto to talk about the detainment of Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig.

As per the sources, Han Dong told Han Tao, the emissary general, that their delivery ought to be postponed, that their delivery could help the Moderate Party of Canada, and that China to make concessions to Canada in the continuous detainment question. In a proclamation, that’s what dong said despite the fact that he had addressed the delegate general, he had not started it, and he had not proposed deferring the arrival of the Spavor and Kovrig, rather requiring their delivery.

The Head of the state’s Office said it didn’t know about the gathering until Dong told the PMO after media questions, and that Dong was not utilized as a strategic backchannel. Around the same time, Dong reported that he would leave the Liberal council and sitting as a free to deal with demonstrating his innocence without upsetting government business and to stay away from a “contention of obligation” by staying on the public authority seats.

On Walk 23, 2023, The Globe and Mail, refering to a senior government source, revealed that the Trudeau government had surveyed the CSIS record being referred to and established that there was no “significant proof” and that it couldn’t make the end that Dong had looked for the Two Michaels to be saved in confinement for political reasons. That very day, Dong, as a free MP, decided in favor of Another Leftist faction movement requiring a public investigation into supposed Chinese impedance in the 2019 and 2021 races that passed with the backing of the resistance groups and which was gone against by Liberal MPs.

Dong said he had held a legal counselor and expected to sue Worldwide News for criticism following the charges. Worldwide News remained by its detailing, with its supervisor in-head saying Worldwide follows “a thorough arrangement of editorial standards and practices”. A couple of days after the fact, legal counselors for Dong put out a slander notice requesting a withdrawal and conciliatory sentiment from Worldwide News, saying that assuming Worldwide News neglected to do as such in seven days Dong would record a claim.

Han Dong documented a slander claim in April 2023 against Worldwide News and a portion of its columnists. Following his survey, Exceptional Rapporteur David Johnston said that claims that Dong had advised Chinese authorities to expand the detainment of Kovrig and Spavor were bogus. Dong said he was justified by the report, saying that he needed to rejoin the Liberal Party gathering.

Is Han Dong wedded? Han Dong is a hitched man and has youngsters with his significant other. He wedded his better half Sophie in Canada. Han Dong lives in Toronto with his better half Sophie and their two youngsters.

How much is Han Dong worth? Han Dong total assets is assessed at around $5 million. His fundamental type of revenue is from his essential work as a legislator. Han Dong’s compensation each month and other vocation profit are more than $350,000 dollars every year. His remarkable accomplishments have acquired him a few sumptuous ways of life and some extravagant vehicle trips. He is one of the most extravagant and most powerful legislators in Canada. He remains at an engaging level of 1.75m and has a decent body weight which suits his character.Twitter account.