How much does Jessica Alba own? What business does Jessica Alba own?

Jessica Alba and her business partner Christopher Gavigan launched The Honest Company in January 2012, which included a selection of home goods, baby products, and personal care items.

The business saw considerable growth, and by 2014, it had a $1 billion market value. “The Honest Life,” a book written by Alba that drew from her own experiences in establishing a healthy and non-toxic lifestyle for her family, was published in the early months of 2013.

The book was a huge hit and eventually became a New York Times Best Seller. Alba expanded her business interests in October 2015 when she introduced the Honest Beauty range of skincare and cosmetics.

Alba continued to hold a 6.5 percent stake in The Honest Company as of April 2022. She also serves as the company’s chief creative officer, where she is essential in determining the company’s creative direction. Alba is compensated for her work with a $700,000 yearly basic pay and 1,500,000 in restricted stock.

How much does Jessica Alba own?

Jessica Alba’s net worth is $100 million dollars according to Celebrity Net Worth.

What business does Jessica Alba own?

Actress Jessica Alba created the Los Angeles-based, digital-first consumer goods company The Honest Company, Inc. Sales for the company were $319 million in 2021, and as of February 2022, it was estimated to be worth $550 million.