How Old Is Singer Naim Darrechi? Everything To Know About

Naim Darrechi is a young singer born in Spain. He boasts a commendable notability for a singer his age, given his social media following and prominence on the web.

If the internet is regular about one thing, it’s producing an emerging young generation to become the social media influencer in the world. Likewise, Darrechi is also one of them, all thanks to his YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok accounts.

Naim Darrechi Edad: How Old Is He?

With growing notability, netizens wonder what Naim Darrechi’s edad is; if you didn’t know, edad means to age in Spanish. The emerging singer is one of the young singers in the industry; after all, he is just 20 presently.

That mentioned, the young singer boasts a commendable significance for a singer his age. Regarding his birth details, Darrechi was born on February 28, 2002, and celebrated his 20th birthday this year.

Born and raised in Spain, Darrechi is from Mallorca, but his family isn’t from Spain. His parents, Paola and Maximiliano, are from Argentina. He made the best use of his social notability to kick off his career in the music industry.

He is broadly known for his content on the dominant social platform TikTok. In concrete, he has built up a colossal social media following, primarily on TikTok, with over 28 million followers and 2.4 billion accumulated likes on his content.

The Spanish content creator started to emerge as an influencer in early 2016. Born in Generation Z, he has catapulted the attention of millions of cyber citizens through his outstanding work as an influencer initially and now as a singer.

Despite the young age, Darrechi was on the list of nominations for a Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Award, and he bagged the title too. It is a huge accomplishment for anyone, let alone a kid who was just 18.

Like his TikTok account, the young Spanish singer has accumulated significant subscribers on his self-titled YouTube channel, boasting over 3.8 million.

His song Panas with Marlucas of over a year flaunts over 10 million views. The social media influencer is emerging more every other day with his works, whether as an influencer or singer.

Who Is Naim Darrechi’s Novia?

Speaking of Naim Darrechi’s novia, the young Spanish singer appears to be in a relationship with Chernovii. His recent Instagram post gives off the impression they are more than just friends.

Chernovii is also a social media influencer like Darrechi, with over 337k followers on her Instagram. Their recent post met with an abundance of satire messages from his followers on social platforms.

Surrounding the controversy of the influencer’s remarks on tricking his partners without using contraceptives, a cyber citizen wrote in Spanish, ‘Are you still sterile?’. At the same time, some supported him despite his previous remarks.

One comment read, ‘The truth is, even if I get hate and everything, but honesty, above all, I love Naim, but he looked better with Mar.’ The influencer hasn’t replied to comments thus far.

Naim Darrechi Twitter Trending Video: Why Is He Getting Viral?

Discussing Naim Darrechi’s Twitter trending videos and other controversies, the Spanish singer was under investigation following his remarks about tricking his partners into having intercourse with him using contraceptives.

The colossal audience on his TikTok was a prime reason for the authorities to get concerned about the comments. He reportedly said in Spanish that he never uses contraceptives during intercourse.

He further reveals that one of his partners got pregnant, but Darrechi claims that he tells his partner that he is sterile. The trending interview outraged the cyber citizens with his explicit comments.

After receiving backlash on the web, he apologized, stating, ‘I made a comment that is out of place and not right. Sometimes I say things and sometimes exaggerate, but here it’s just crazy what I said.’

Surrounding the trending interview video and his comments, Minister Montero shared a tweet addressing his remarks and unveiled that his actions could be treated as an assault if he gets convicted under the bill.

The famous TikTok star could face anywhere between one and twelve years in prison if convicted under the bill. During that time, the social influencer received a lot of retaliation.

Someone asked Naim if he would have the baby if his partner got pregnant, to which he replied, ‘I would be a dad without hesitation. Give me a kid, and I’ll fall in love with it.’