How Successful Are David Walliams Books? What Influenced David Walliams To Write?

David Walliams, the renowned television star and comedian, has carved an impressive niche for himself in the literary world with his captivating children’s books. With over 50 million global sales of his children’s books, Walliams has emerged as one of the most successful and beloved children’s authors in recent times. In this exploration, we delve into the remarkable success of David Walliams’ books and the inspirations that led him to embark on this unexpected literary journey.

The Phenomenal Success of David Walliams’ Books

It’s no exaggeration to say that David Walliams has taken the literary world by storm. His children’s books have resonated with readers worldwide, captivating the hearts and minds of both young and old. The astounding milestone of 50 million global sales is a testament to his storytelling prowess and the universal appeal of his narratives.

David Walliams’ foray into children’s literature began in 2008 with his debut book, “The Boy in the Dress.” This novel, which fearlessly tackled the subject of cross-dressing, was a departure from Walliams’ comedy career and ventured into uncharted territory. At the time, society may not have been as sympathetic to such themes, but the book was met with widespread acceptance and enthusiasm from the public.

Since then, Walliams has continued to enchant readers with a diverse range of stories, characters, and themes. His books explore topics like friendship, family, adventure, and the power of imagination. With each new release, Walliams has demonstrated his ability to connect with young readers on a profound level, leaving an indelible mark on the world of children’s literature.

The Influence of Roald Dahl

While David Walliams’ literary journey may have been unexpected, it was undoubtedly influenced by one of the literary world’s luminaries: Roald Dahl. Walliams has often cited Dahl as his primary source of inspiration, referring to him as “the master.” What drew Walliams to Dahl’s work was not just the enchanting stories but also Dahl’s remarkable skill in creating a diverse array of characters with each new book.

Dahl’s ability to craft entirely new worlds and characters with boundless creativity resonated deeply with Walliams. It was Dahl’s legacy that ignited Walliams’ passion for storytelling and pushed him to explore the limitless possibilities of writing.

From Comedy to Writing: A Creative Evolution

David Walliams’ journey from comedy to writing reflects a creative evolution that few could have predicted. While he initially aspired to be a comedian on television, Walliams soon realized that writing his own material was an integral part of the comedic process. This realization led him to become a writer so that he could fully express his creativity and imagination.

Writing, as Walliams describes it, offers a unique form of creativity—one where the only limit is the expanse of one’s imagination. This limitless canvas of storytelling became his preferred medium for artistic expression.

The Future of David Walliams’ Literary Odyssey

For David Walliams, writing is akin to climbing a mountain. At the outset, the journey seems daunting, but as one progresses, it becomes more manageable. Despite the challenges, Walliams remains undeterred. In fact, he reveals that he has “more and more books” planned for the future, hinting at the possibility of exploring writing for a more mature audience.

Walliams’ ultimate goal is to ensure that readers, especially children, take away something meaningful from his books. Whether it’s a message about friendship, courage, or teamwork, he believes that a book should offer readers a valuable takeaway that lingers long after they’ve turned the final page.

David Walliams’ literary triumph is a testament to his creativity, storytelling prowess, and dedication to inspiring young minds. As he continues to scale new literary heights, readers can eagerly anticipate the imaginative worlds and compelling characters he has yet to introduce to the world.