Is William Redden Arrested For Murder Charges? Jail Sentence And Mugshot

William Redden was charged with abuse of a corpse, possession of a handgun by a convicted criminal, and possession of an altered firearm on Thursday evening.

According to jail records, he is being held on a $108,000 bond. The body of a missing 38-year-old woman was discovered in a ditch near Palmetto on Thursday night.

Investigators have arrested the guy they believe was with her the night she died — and was recorded on film dragging her body through his house.

Is William Redden Arrested For Murder Charges?

Yes, William Redden was arrested for murder charges. When detectives asked Redden about Shenefield, he confirmed that she had been there that night, indicating that they had hung out for a while but that she had gone the next morning.

When Redden agreed to investigators look about his house, they discovered he had multiple cameras both inside and outside the house. Redden, according to Wells, permitted them to grab the cameras’ DVR.

“He informs them that they do not record inside the house. He was mistaken, “Wells” stated. “Thankfully, he is oblivious and was unaware of this. We were able to use it since it worked for us.”

When detectives looked at the footage on Redden’s DVR, they saw that Shenefield was present – but that he died in the house during the night. According to Wells, the cause of death has yet to be determined.

Learn About William Redden Involvement In Stephanie Shenefield Case – Update

Detectives acquired access to Shenefield’s computer on June 8 and learned she had hired an Uber trip to Redden’s home in the 200 block of 30th Street, according to Wells.

William Redden’s residence was visited by detectives who wanted to question him. “He confirms Stephanie was there on that Friday,” Wells said. “He tells them they hung out for a while, and Stephanie left the apartment the next morning.”

Multiple surveillance cameras were also discovered inside and outside Redden’s home, according to detectives. Deputies were permitted to take a recording device by Redden, who explained that the system was simply for live monitoring and did not record video.

“He was just wrong,” Wells stated.

Know About William Redden Jail Sentence And Mugshot

Redden is accused of mutilating a body, possessing a firearm by a convicted criminal, and possessing a modified firearm (serial numbers removed). On a $108,000 bond, he remains in the Manatee County Jail.

Sheriff Wells referred to Redden as a “piece of garbage” during the press conference, according to

The eight-time convicted felon was previously charged with cocaine possession, cocaine sale, violence, and driving with a suspended license, according to deputies.