Jason Aldean Siblings: Meet Kasi Rosa Wicks

Jason Aldean is a well-known country musician from America.

Aldean received a recording deal offer, but it was later withdrawn. After signing with a different company, he was once more let go in 2000 because his label kept delaying his recording sessions.

Numerous showcases didn’t result in a contract for him. The effort at the Wildhorse Saloon, when the expected label talent scouts failed to appear, was the last straw.

Aldean gave himself six months to prepare for his impending departure from Nashville and return to Georgia because he was still depressed and irritated with his stuttering career.

Then, five weeks later, he received a contract offer from Nashville’s Broken Bow Records. Aldean hired Kevin Neal as his new (and present) agent soon after his self-titled debut album was released.

Jason Aldean Siblings: Meet Kasi Rosa Wicks

As a half-brother and half-sister, Jason Aldean and Kasi Rosa Wicks are connected. In his family, Jason only has one sibling and no brothers. Not much is known about Kasi.