Jay Winston New Orleans Paramedic Car Crash, Titus Tero Friend Died As Tributes Pour In

What Happened To Jay Winston New Orleans Paramedic? 

Winston was reported dead after being involved in a car crash. However, there is no further information regarding his death yet. 

The details of the accident also have not been discussed publicly. The crew member, Dan Flynn, made a post on his Twitter @DanFlynn, offering his condolences for the lost soul. Dan considered him a really close friend, with whom he drank, laughed, and learned together. 

Many people who knew him from the show or in person have expressed their sorrow and prayers for the family.

It is still a hard fact to process as no one ever suspected a paramedic who always works on the road to die in a car crash.

Titus Tero’s Friend Death Cause An Accident

Winston was a close friend of the Nightwatch’s heroes, Titus Tero and Dan Flynn. 

He lost his life on the road, following a severe car crash that took away his life. The details regarding the crash are yet to be updated officially.

With his quick response to trouble and responsible attitude, Winston was loved by many who watched him perform his duties on and off the screen. There are also rumors of the death of another paramedic Titus Tero, but it has been deemed to be untrue as Titus himself has made it clear on his Twitter. 

Twitter was flooded with condolences for Titus earlier as most people assumed it was him who died in the car crash. 

The family of Jay Winston and Obituary

The family of the deceased, Jay Winston, has not yet publicized the news about his death. His family also has not mentioned anything about holding his funeral or obituary yet.

It must have come as a shock for everyone who knew him to lose him early.

Upon his demise, his work family, NOEMS, changed their official Facebook profile picture with a black band over the logo, commemorating the death of their personnel.