Lisa Mcvey Grandmother: Lisa Mcvey Wikipedia Age and Instagram Followers

A kidnapping and rape survivor, Lisa Mcvey, used to live with her grandmother.

She was abducted and raped by Bobby Joe Long.

Lisa Mcvey Grandmother

Lisa Mcvey hasn’t revealed any details related to her grandmother.

She hasn’t publicized her grandmother’s name to date.

She used to live with her grandmother after she was 17 years old.

Her grandmother’s boyfriend had also abused her.

Lisa Mcvey’s Wikipedia

Lisa Mcvey hasn’t been featured on the Wikipedia page to date.

She has been renowned as a rape survivor.

She was attacked by the car when she was returning from the store with her bike.

A man came out of the car and drove Lisa to his apartment, where he blindfolded her and treated her as his sex slave for almost 26 hours.

What Might Be Lisa Mcvey’s Age?

Lisa Mcvey hasn’t revealed her exact age.

She hasn’t published her birthdate and birthplace to the media yet.

Does Lisa Have An Instagram Account?

No, Lisa doesn’t have an Instagram account under her name.

She doesn’t have any social media account to date.

Know More About Lisa’a Rape Incident

On November 3, 1984, at night, Lisa finished her shift at a local donut shop where she worked and began her bike ride home.

She noticed a car with a man was following her, who knocked her off her bike and pulled her into his car at gunpoint.

He drove Lisa to his apartment, where he blindfolded her, and she was treating her as his sex slave for 26 hours.

She got some glimpses of her kidnapper, who was later discovered to be the brutal serial killer named Bobby Joe Long.

Her captor released her after a harrowing 26-hour ordeal.