Lucienne Lastovic, ‘Days of Our Lives’ Star James Lastovic’s Mother

James Lastovic’s mother Lucienne Lastovic is a real estate agent from San Diego Area, she works with her company Coldwell Banker.

Lastovic recently pleaded for help from the people of Kauai, Hawaii after her son James went missing. She made an Instagram post to ask for help and her followers on the social media account quickly started looking for the missing James.

A day later in another post, Lucienne revealed James and his roommate were found safe, they were found in pretty bad shape all dehydrated and exhausted but are recovering well. She thanked her followers and everyone who helped her during the difficult hours and revealed she was also going fine.

James is an American actor best known for his role as Joey Johnson in Days of Our Lives. He was on a vacation in Hawaii when he went missing recently along with his roommate Nevin Dizdari.

Quick Facts About Lucienne Lastovic

Age 59 Years Old
Birth Place Santa Rosa, California
Current Residence San Diego, California
Children James & Richie Lastovic
Husband Kevin James Prejean (Estranged)
Partner Michael
Instagram @llastovic

Who Is Lucienne Lastovic, James Lastovic Mother?

Lucienne Lastovic, the mother of actor James Lastovic, is a real estate agent from the Northern San Diego area.

She has been working as a real estate agent since getting her license in March 2009. She is currently working for Coldwell Banker West and has received recognition for her work. James’s mother is also a winner of the Rookie of the Year award in 2009 and has received several national sales awards for her exceptional performance as a real estate agent.

Lastovic is a native of Santa Rosa, California but she has lived in different parts of the country. She has lived in Tennessee and Atlanta as well. She also lived in England for a brief period during her college years. Lucienne now is a resident of the Northern San Diego area for over 26 years.

She is a community player as well. She has established her roots in the community and has constantly worked for the betterment of people around her community. She is currently training for Solana Beach’s Hospice by the Sea and she will be able to take care of terminally ill community members by October 2022.

Lucienne Lastovic Has two Children James And Richie

Lucienne Lastovic is a mother to two sons, James and Richie.

James is a well-known actor from the United States of America, but much about his brother Richie has not come to the surface yet. It is unclear if Richie is James’s elder brother or younger one.

Similarly, Lucienne does not mention her son Richie much on the web and has never shared any image of her son. However, she did share an old picture of her baby shower when she was pregnant but it is not clear if the baby was James or Richie.

The actor is best known for his performance in Days of Our Lives where he portrayed the character of Joey Johnson from 2015 to 2017 and again in 2020. He also appeared on the television series Insatiable as Christian Keene. His IMDb profile has a total of 6 credits as an actor.

Lucienne Lastovic And Her Husband Kevin James Prejean

Lucienne Lastovic shares her two children with her husband Kevin James Prejean.

However, the couple does not seem to be together anymore. Kevin has been out of family pictures for a while now and Lucienne does not share images with Kevin anymore.

Furthermore, Lastovic uses her maiden name rather than her husband’s last name. She uses her maiden name and also suggests her husband is no longer together.

In fact, James also uses his mother’s last name Lastovic which suggests Lucienne and Kevin might not have been married at all and were just in a long-term committed relationship. However, the information has not been confirmed yet.

Currently, Lucienne appears to be in a relationship with her partner Michael. The two are seen sending out wishes and love on holidays together. They also share images of each other on their Instagram account.

She Is 59 Years Old

Lucienne Lastovic’s actual age is 59 years old as of 2022 according to True People Search.

Unfortunately, her actual date of birth is not available but she was born in Santa Rosa, California to her parents.

Despite being born in Santa Rosa, Lastovic has called San Diego her home for the past 26 years as she has settled in the coastal city and has her roots deep into the city’s community and soil.

Prior to starting her career, she attended several reputed institutions for her education. She graduated from The University of the South earning her Bachelor of Arts in Clinical Psychology and later attended Emory University where she earned her Master in Teaching. She also studied English Literature at St. John’s University in Oxford, England.

She Worked In Pharmaceuticals Before Being A Real Estate Agent

Lucienne Lastovic worked as Pharmaceutical Sales Specialist in Neuroscience for GlaxoSmithKline before changing her career to become a real estate agent.

She has a combined experience of 12 years working in the Pharmaceutical industry for companies including GlaxoSmithKline and Novartis. While working as a sales specialist in the pharmaceutical industry, she received several awards and recognitions. Most of the time she was in the top percentage for sales in the nation.

Lastovic seems to be a natural seller as her experience in her previous profession has helped her sell her dreams to her clients in the real estate industry as well. She has an impressive track record despite changing her career to real estate after 12 years in the previous industry. Her education in psychology might have also played a part in convincing the clients and understanding their needs.

Furthermore, she has also worked as a teacher and curriculum coordinator in an elementary school in her hometown Santa Rosa, California. She taught inner-city and at-risk students during her time.

Some FAQs

Who Is James Lastovic Mother Lucienne Lastovic?

James Lastovic’s mother Lucienne Lastovic is a real estate agent from norther San Diego Area currently working with Coldwell Banker West.

What Is Lucienne Lastovic Age?

Lucienne Lastovic’s actual age is 59 years old, she was born in Santa Rosa, California to her parents.

Who Is Lucienne Lastovic Husband?

Lucienne Lastovic does not seem to have a husband now but she shares her children with her partner Kevin James Prejean.

Is James Lastovic Found?

James Lastovic has been found and is safe after going missing while on a hike during his holiday in Hawaii.