Margaret Cho Plastic Surgery Before And After: What Is Wrong With Her Eyes?

Margaret Cho plastic surgery news is all over the internet, and fans are eager to know what actually is wrong with her eyes. Keep reading to find out more here.

Margaret Cho is a well-known American comedian, actress, and musician. Besides, Cho is widely recognized for her stand-up routines. 

Furthermore, Margaret got into the limelight after starring in the ABC sitcom All-American Girl from 1994 to 1995. After that, she became a renowned stand-up comic in the subsequent years.

In addition to that, Cho is also an LGBT social activist, and her content related to race and sexuality has also been loved by many people.

Just like her professional career, fans often notice her physical appearance and are eager to know about her surgery details.

Margaret Cho Plastic Surgery Details

The famous comedian Margaret Cho’s plastic surgery is many fans’ concern. Unlike other celebrities, she has always opened up about her surgery details and talked about them openly with her fans. 

Similarly, Margaret shared more about her experience going under the knife in an interview with People magazine.

In the respective interview, Cho said that she did the procedure to correct her vision which had bothered her for years.

In the same way, the renowned comedian said she had astigmatism, a common eye problem that can make one’s vision blurry or distorted. The condition happens when someone’s cornea or lens has a different shape than normal. 

Due to that, Margaret had problems while seeing and went under the knife to cure her vision. Now, fans are eager to know about her current situation, which has been described below. 

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Margaret Cho Plastic Surgery Before And After

As stated earlier, Margaret Cho have gone under the knife just to correct her vision. Apart from that, there are no records of her doing cosmetic surgery to change her looks.

Moreover, Margaret does not say anything about her unwanted rumors.

From this, it also becomes clear that she wants to ignore the rumors that may also drag her into the controversy.

What Is Wrong With Margaret Cho Eyes?

In the past, Margaret Cho had problems with her eyes which made her difficult to see. In an interview, Cho said that she had astigmatism. 

Talking about her eye surgery in an interview, she said, “I had this really bad astigmatism, and it was getting worse, I couldn’t see the board at school, and I had to sit in the front row. I was really struggling.” 

After successfully completing the procedure, Margaret revealed that her vision is back and is also happy with it. So, it can also be said that Margaret is grateful for improving her vision and says that it has made a big difference in her ongoing life.

Apart from the topic of her surgery, the well-established comedian also faced some health issues when Cho started out in comedy. Margaret dealt with an eating disorder. 

During that time, she used alcohol and drugs to mask her hunger and later resorted to other methods of controlling her weight. As of now, Margaret might be doing well both in her personal and professional life.

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