Mia Thornton Grew Up In A Large Family With Three Siblings

Mia Thornton spent time in foster care before being adopted by her parents, who already had three other children. This decision was made later in the couple’s marriage.

As the new face of Season 6, “Real Housewives of Potomac” celebrity Mia Thornton made her debut and has already generated a lot of suspenseful entertainment. In her on-screen confrontations with Wendy Ofeso, a fellow housewife, the entrepreneur has launched a barrage of salvos.

Mia caught up with her biological mother in one of the RHOP episodes that were broadcast. She dug deeper into her childhood and learned more about her dad from her mother. Let’s know more about it.

Meet Mia Thornton Siblings

Candis N. Lynem, Daryl E. Lynem Jr., and Brianna R. Lynem are Mia Thronton’s siblings. Following her high school graduation in 2014, Candis enrolled at Capella University.

She earned a bachelor’s degree in personal administration and human resources in 2020. Additionally, the Department of Professional and Business Regulations awarded her a cosmetology license.

However, Candis’ career actually began much earlier. As Salon Manager, she began working for Regis Corporation in 2001. She started working as an Account Service Person at HairUWear Inc. in July 2012.

Later in May 2019, Candis began working as a Human Resource Generalist for Diagnostic Centers of America (DCA). The business employed her till February 2020. However, she began working as a Human Resource Generalist at FirstService Residential in February 2020.

Moving on, Briana, her sister, went to The Ohio State University and graduated in 2011 with a degree in psychology. She graduated from the University of Louisville with a master’s degree in human resources and organizational development. She has had positions with Centric Consulting as an HR Generalist and with the Columbus Urban League as a member of the HR Committee.

Facts About Mia Thornton Family

  1. According to reports, she was born Mia Nicole Fields and grew up in Dallas, Texas, until her father’s promotion forced them to move. After that, Mia spent her formative years in sunny South Florida. She claims, however, that Churchton, Maryland, was where she was raised.
  2. The RHOP celebrity was raised in the foster care system as a youngster. Mia is the adopted daughter of Daryl Lynem and Robin Elaine Lynem. She disclosed that her parents were drug addicts in recovery who could not provide for her during her formative years. Later, in December 2018, at the age of 58, her mother, Robin Elaine Lynem, passed away.
  3. After being discharged from rehab, Mia met her mom for the first time. The two got together for a relaxed breakfast, but things quickly turned intense. Mia immediately questioned her mother about why she was placed in foster care. Then, her mother explained that she acted in Mia’s best interests. When Mia continued to question her mother, she eventually gave in and admitted that Mia’s father had introduced her to narcotics.
  4. When Mia was a young girl, she spilled oatmeal while attempting to make it for herself, resulting in second and third-degree burns. When Mia’s mother, who was at work at the time of the occurrence, received a call alerting her of the accident, she was perplexed because the housewife had been left in her father’s care. When Mia’s mother arrived home, she discovered her husband chatting with another woman in the garage.
  5. Gordon and Mia Thornton have been married for almost ten years; they have two children together as well as other children from prior relationships.