Nanette Packard Wikipedia – More On Husband Daughters & Kids

Found guilty of the murder of a millionaire, Nanette Packard is yet to be on Wikipedia. There is more about the case, find it out here.

The event of the millionaire murder uproared the city at the time. People still remember the death of McLaughlin.

Packard had an external affair with the NFL player, despite being in a relationship with the McLaughlin. His life insurance and property was the main reason behind the death case.

With all the planning, they murdered the millionaire. All things related to Nanette are available here.

Nanette Packard Not Featured On Wikipedia?

Nanette is involved in one of the famous murder cases of her own partner, McLaughlin. He was shot multiple times until his death.

Even though Packard does not have her Wikipedia page, her name is still available on Wikipedia for her secret ex-lover, Naposki.

The case is complicated as it sounds. Nanette was having a secret affair with Naposki, the professional footballer at the time.

Later, it founded that Packard was just in living relation with William Bill McLaughlin for his life insurance and savings.

It took almost 15 years to solve the case, revealing that his own partner murdered him.

Nanette Packard- More On Husband Daughters & Kids

As of 2021, Nanette is 56 years old. She has been serving life imprisonment after committing first-degree murder.

Packard was not married to millionaire Bill McLaughlin but was in a living relationship with him. Before him, she already had two children.

McLaughlin had an estimated net worth of $55 million during his murder. In the case of Packard, her net worth is yet to be known.

At present, she is serving a life sentence in jail. So, her earnings are out of the question.

As for Bill, after he completed his study in biological engineering, he started working as a medical supply salesman.

His passion in the medical field has come up with the idea of an updated dialysis catheter. With his knowledge and skills, he earned millions before his 30s.

Nanette Packard’s Boyfriend, Who Was She With During Murder?

Packard was cheating her living in partner with her secret relationship. At the time, she had an extra affair with Eric Naposki.

Naposki is a former professional footballer who had even played in the “National Football League.” He was an outstanding player who was even in the “World League of American Football.”

However, his popularity could not last long after committing the first-degree murder. It has been nine years since he went to jail in 2012.

In as much as time in prison, he is getting a lot of transfers. In 2012, he got sent to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

Later on, after a year, he again was sent to California State Prison. Meanwhile, he has been appealing for the conviction of innocent.