‘Outlander’ Producer Reveals Why Sam Heughan Was ‘Born to Play’ Jamie: Watch His Audition Tape

In ET’s specific fasten from More odd’s season 6 home redirection release on Tuesday, pioneer producer Maril Davis nuances why Sam Heughan, who has played the loved individual since the notable series’ start in 2014, was the best individual to get everything done. “I remember that we were at our work environments in Pasadena.

You’re watching tapes and on the chief round of anticipating, Sam’s tryout tape came up and we watched it, and we in general recognized around then that this was our Jamie,” Davis audits in the catch. ” Also, from the start we acknowledged we’d never find him. It looked like a very subtle easily overlooked detail. He just leaped out right away.”

“He wasn’t anyone that any of us had seen already. We promptly acknowledged he had the persona, he had the allure, he had the humor to play Jamie,” she continues, before watchers are honored to get some of Heughan’s remarkable tryout for the Starz show. “What’s more, a while later we did a video gathering with him and immediately, he only jumped off the screen,” Davis praises.

“Every so often in this life, there are certain performers out there who were bound to play explicit parts and Sam Heughan was bound to play Jamie Fraser.” Season 6 saw a continuation of Claire and Jamie’s unbelievable fight to protect those they love as they investigated the difficulties of life in the New World.

Stranger, which is planning for its seventh season, follows the Frasers as they try to stay aware of concordance and succeed inside a pioneer society that – – as Claire knows commonly exorbitantly well – – is coincidentally strolling toward Turmoil. Last week, Heughan took to Twitter to revive fans on the progress of making season 7, sharing that they’re generally finished.

“End of another block of shooting! Somewhat through the season. A couple of really unprecedented minutes and unbelievable scenes,” he nudged. “Season 7 will go with the delay… !”

End of another block of shooting! Mostly through the season. A couple of genuinely novel minutes and unbelievable scenes. Season 7 will join the reserve… !

— Sam Heughan (@SamHeughan) September 14, 2022 The More unusual: Season 6 Finder’s Form Blu-shaft set, Blu-pillar and DVD hit racks Tuesday, Sept. 20.