Paul Wossen wife: Was Paul Wossen married?

Paul Woseen, 56, died from a heart condition while playing bass for the Australian rock group The Screaming Jets.
His comrades confirmed the awful news as they paid respect to their “brother in rock” and offered a tribute to him. When the band first started in Newcastle in 1989, Paul was a founding member.

Better, a song for the group that peaked at number five on the ARIA charts in 1991, has earned the group widespread recognition. The Screaming Jets, a 56-year-old project, released their debut album, All For One, with Dave Gleeson as the lead singer and Grant Walmsley, Richard Lara, and him as a member.

As the organization added additional members over the years, Woseen remained a part of it. Jimi Hocking, Scott Kingman, Cam McGlinchey, and Gleeson are the current band members.

Paul Wossen wife: Was Paul Wossen married?

Unfortunately, there is no information available regarding Paul Wossen’s wife. However, we’ll update this if we find out more.
Nothing to Lose, the latest song from The Screaming Jets’ upcoming album Professional Misconduct, was only recently made available. The album was scheduled to be released on October 6.