PnB Rock Murder Case: Police Looking For Fourth Unidentified Suspect

Los Angeles Police are investigating every possibility as they look to deal with all who are engaged with the homicide of rapper PnB Rock. On Friday, Freddie Lee Trone, his 17-year-old child, and Shauntel Trone, who is hitched to the senior Trone, were undeniably accused of different offenses in the homicide of PnB Rock, who was killed on September 12.

In court, examiners unveiled the frightful subtleties of how the dad and child did their homicide plot and, surprisingly, said that the wrongdoing family didn’t act alone as there is a fourth suspect who supposedly set up the burglary in the first place.

The fourth suspect is supposed to be the person who warned the senior Trone about the rapper’s attendance at the Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles eatery in L.A.

“Police are purportedly looking for a fourth suspect in the occurrence, as they accept this individual warned the shooter about PnB Rock’s area,” a report by examiners read.

As indicated by Fox L.A. journalist Gigi Graciette who investigated the most recent trial, the indictment shared a portrayal of the suspect, who is yet unidentified. The suspect was seen apparently on reconnaissance camera film meeting with Trone beyond the eatery. The suspect in red is thought to be the person who informed Trone that the rapper was inside and was wearing costly gems.

Freddie Lee Trone is blamed for then leaving the eatery and going to gather his child to carry him to the café.

Video proof shows the adolescent going into the eatery and is seen “strolling right by the secret man dressed in red.”

Chilling subtleties uncover that the 17-year-old was outfitted and strolled directly to PnB Rock’s table, where he requested to the rapper and his better half, “Give me all of your gems currently.”

In no time, he shot PnB with no obstruction or incitement.

There are reports that the rapper and his better half were both denied of their assets.

Insights regarding what occurred next are reported in the objection, where it expresses that as PnB falls after the main shot, the 17-year-old shoots him two additional times in his back.

He then, at that point, went to Shake’s sweetheart, Steffanie Sibhounheaung, and took steps to shoot her. “Show me your hands. Give me that poop at the present time. I vow to God. I shoot you in the head,” the grumbling peruses.

The youthful executioner isn’t done as while the rapper lay in his perishing minutes, he ransacked him, eliminating chains, his watch, and rings.

Investigators likewise shared that the youngster then gets into his dad’s vehicle, and they are watched driving leave for their home, yet all things being equal, they leave a couple of blocks and head back home. Trone Senior escaped the province of California and was caught in Las Vegas on September 29, where he is anticipating removal.

Trone’s better half and the high schooler’s stepmother, Shauntel, showed up in court on Friday, where she transparently cried.

She is having to deal with penalties of holding onto a criminal and supporting and abetting the executioner and his dad.

Meanwhile, the teen’s name has not been delivered at this point. A choice concerning whether he will be charged as a grown-up, given the idea of the wrongdoing, is being thought of.

The adolescent and his dad are mutually accused of homicide, burglary, and connivance to commit theft.

Examiners hint that more charges could follow once police capture the fourth suspect who is blamed for beginning the chain of occasions.