Racist: Who Is Jordana Stott? Meet Lance Giles Wife

Lance Giles’s wife, Jordana Stott is a racist as she was found mocking Asian people.

Stott is a former actress, director, and producer. She also tried her luck in modeling and joined Model Mayhem but she could not succeed.

On the contrary, Giles is a well-known Australian entrepreneur. He is the founder, CEO, and managing director of the healthy-diet delivering company, Youfoodz.

Lance and Jordana married some years back and they are a happy couple. They love and support each other no matter what the situation is.

Youfoodz Founder-Jordana Stott Family

Jordana Stott has a beautiful family with Youfoodz’s founder, Lance Giles.

However, she has not shared anything regarding her kids, siblings, or parents. To be true, she maintains a lowkey profile and has hidden her personal life details.

Find Jordana Stott Net Worth

Actress Jordana Stott and her husband, Lance together have a net worth of millions of dollars.

Stott’s personal fortune and current professional details are off the grid. However, her husband operates a multi-million dollar food company.

Jordana is definitely involved in some work and she lives a luxurious life in Australia. She often travels with her partner to accompany him in meetings.

Jordana Stott Racist Video Explained

Jordana Stott’s racist video exploded back in 2019 and she is still facing a backlash for it.

She along with her husband, Lance attended the Global Restaurant Leadership Summit in 2019. It was held at a lavish hotel in Singapore.

Stott was found abusing Asian people openly in the hotel. While she was watching an origami video, she also mimicked their accent.

Apart from that, Jordana used racial slurs against other guests present at the hotel. The raw video of hate speech is still available on the internet.

When the video went out, Stott and Giles apologized to the public. Despite that, netizens are still enraged about the incident which took place 3 years back.

What Is Jordana Stott Age? Explore Her Instagram

As per Model Mayhem, Jordana Stott is aged 36 years.

So, she was born in 1985 but her exact birthdate is obscure. She is an Australian citizen with Caucasian ancestry.

Considering height, Stott stands at 5 feet 8 inches and has a curvaceous body.

Jordana is not available on Instagram or other social sites. She has separated herself from the limelight a few years back.