Safa Kabir Death And Obituary: Suicide Or Murder

Safa Kabir death news is all over the internet. The daughter of Shahriyar Kabir died after allegedly committing suicide. Let’s know more about her death cause.

Safa Kabir was the daughter of Shahriyar Kabir, a journalist, filmmaker, human rights activist, and author from Bangladesh. Shahriyar is one of the most loved personalities in Bangladesh.

Likewise, he has written many books focusing on human rights. Due to his various worlds, Kabir has been honored with multiple awards, including the Bangla Academy Literary Award in 1995.

Currently, both Shahriyar and his daughter Safa are in the limelight, as it has been reported that his daughter has passed away. With that news, everyone is shocked, and they are eager to know more about it.

Safa Kabir Death: Was It Suicide Or Murder?

Safa Kabir has allegedly died, and tributes are pouring online. The death news of Shahriyar’s daughter’s demise has shocked the world. It has been reported that her death cause was related to a suicide.

So, it can be said that Safa was not murdered. According to a recent report, Kabir’s body was recovered from a house in the capital’s Banani area. 

Deputy Commissioner Md Shahidullah of the DMP’s Gulshan Division has also talked about the matter, saying that Safa’s body was taken on Thursday, and they believe that Safa took her own life by hanging herself with a rope tied to a bathroom window.

Similarly, it was also mentioned that the dead body was given to the family later on Thursday night. Moreover, further details regarding the case were not shared due to the privacy concern.

However, the police department may give more updates, and they may also initiate an investigation to determine the actual manner of Safa’s death.

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Safa Kabir Obituary and Funeral Details

The official obituary from the family of Safa Kabir has not been shared yet. However, it has already been verified that the daughter of human rights activist Shahriyar has died after committing suicide.

As discussed above, the dead body of Safa has already been handed to the family. At the time of this post, the concerned department has not given any info about funeral services.

Likewise, Shahriyar has not commented anything regarding this matter as he seems to be mourning the loss of his daughter.

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Fact Check: Is Model Safa Kabir Death? 

With the passing news of Safa Kabir, the daughter of Shahriyar Kabir, everyone was left confused and thought that Bangladeshi model Safa Kabir may have died.

However, the model was not the person who died, and many people even posted tributes and condolence linking her name. Also, model Safa has already responded and talked about the ongoing matter by sharing a post on Facebook.

She wrote, “Hello everyone. Happy Holidays to all. Many people tagged me in the wrong post. Many are worried about me because my name matches. It is not right to spread panic without knowing. This made me confused and embarrassed. By the grace of Allah and by your prayers, I am well, I am well. Everyone pray for me, pray for my family. May Allah bless everyone, Ameen.”

So, it becomes clear that it was not the model who died after committing suicide. Meanwhile, some sources have said that the name of Shahriyar’s daughter is Arpita Kabir Mumu, whose age is reported to be 41.

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