Sonia Pizarro Husband: Who Was She Married To? Children And Family Details

Sonia Pizarro’s children meant everything to her, as proven by her love and commitment to them. Sonia Pizarro, a cast member of “Operation Repo,” died in her sleep on Wednesday at the age of 60, her niece and co-star Lyndah Pizarro revealed. According to Lyndah, although Sonia had a stroke and was hospitalized in 2018, her death was not caused by consequences from that. Sonia’s ex-husband, fellow “Operation Repo” star Froylan Tercero, paid homage to her and commended her for her accomplishments. The reality television actress was well-known for her outsized attitude and no-nonsense approach to her job on the program Operation Repo.

Sonia Pizarro Children: Meet Ruby, Robert, and Froylan Jr.

Ruby, Robert, and Froylan Jr. were Sonia Pizarro’s three children. Sonia Pizarro’s family statement emphasizes the significance of family in her life and her influence on those she loves. Although there isn’t much public information on her children, it’s clear that she loved them and put their wants and well-being above everything else. Sonia’s children and grandkids were clearly important parts of her life, and her death has definitely left a vacuum in their hearts.
Despite the fact that there is little public information about them, they will always carry Sonia’s love and memories with them. Sonia’s dedication to her family is shown in how her children and grandkids talk about her.

Sonia Pizarro Husband: Who Was Her Husband?

Sonia Pizarro was previously married to her ex-husband, Froylan Tercero, who also appeared in Operation Repo. While the specifics of their marriage are unknown, it is evident from Froylan’s homage to Sonia that they had a strong bond. Froylan emphasized his affection for Sonia and her influence on his life in his remark. He mentioned the tattoo of her name on his tummy, which serves as a tactile memory of their time together. It is unknown when Sonia and Froylan married or divorced. Despite their split, it’s apparent that they stayed on good terms and that Froylan admired and respected Sonia.

Sonia Pizarro’s Professional Background

Sonia Pizarro was a well-known and well-liked reality television personality in the United States. She rose to prominence after starring on the TruTV program “Operation Repo.” Sonia was born on a very American day, January 31, 1963. She began her career in the entertainment sector as an actor, but she found more success on reality television. Her harsh, no-nonsense manner garnered her a lot of respect from the audience.

Sonia starred in many episodes of “Operation Repo,” a program that documented automobile and other property repossessions, between 2007 and 2014. She has also appeared in “Repo Chick” (2009) and “Followed” (2018). Sonia was the subject of the 2016 documentary “Operation Sonia: Love Thy Bleeping Neighbor.” Sonia amassed substantial riches throughout her career as a film and television actress and reality show competitor.