Tre Tre Thornton Age: How Old Is Young Dolph Son?

Based on Tre’s mother’s photo of him with the family, he appears to be around seven years old or a little older than that.

On the other hand, his true age or date of birth is not mentioned anywhere at present.

For the time being, we can only hope that his mother will share his true age and some of his hobbies with the general public in the future.

Is Tre Tre Thornton On Wikipedia?

Tre is still a child, and he is currently too young to be included on Wikipedia.

Regardless, his father, Young Dolph, is a well-known rapper. As a result, Dolph’s biography is available there, where readers can get all of the information about his music career and death.

However, Tre’s biography is currently unavailable. If he follows in his father’s footsteps into music, we may be able to read his biography on Wikipedia in the future, just like his father.

Know About Tre Tre Thornton Mother

Tre’s mother’s name is Mia Jaye, and she is the widow of Tre’s father, Young Dolph.

She is Tre’s and his younger sister’s sole parent at the moment.

Mia is the matriarch of the family and bears significant responsibilities.

Tre Tre Thornton Net Worth

Tre is still in primary school by looking at his appearance in an online image. He has a long way to go in terms of finding work.

As a result, he is currently not able to support his family financially.

However, as previously mentioned, his late father was a rapper.

According to certain web publications, Tre’s father reportedly had a net worth of $3 million.

We’re not sure if this is his true net worth or if it is merely an estimate. If we discover any new information regarding Dolph’s net worth, we will share it with our readers.

Meet Tre Tre Thornton On Instagram

As previously stated, Tre is still in primary school. As a result, he does not have an Instagram account.

On the other hand, late his father has an Instagram account called @youngdolph, 65 posts, 4.6 million followers, and 0 followings.

You can follow Dolph on Instagram to read his prior posts from before his demise.