What did Justin Hawkins do? Why did Justin Hawkins grab the mic?

The creator, lead vocalist, and lead guitarist of The Darkness, Justin David Hawkins is an English musician, Internet personality, singer, and composer. In addition, he performs as the lead guitarist and singer for the 2008-founded band Hot Leg, which is currently on hiatus.

Hawkins created his “Justin Hawkins Rides Again” YouTube channel in 2021, where he analyzes songs, offers commentary on the music business, and responds to fan inquiries.

The channel has 440,000 subscribers as of July 2023. Hawkins has written reviews for several songs and performers, including, among others, Greta Van Fleet, Maroon 5, My Chemical Romance, Disturbed, Metallica, Korn, Limp Bizkit, and Slipknot.

What did Justin Hawkins do?

As of 2021, Hawkins has been active on his YouTube channel entitled ‘Justin Hawkins Rides Again’, often giving his comedic analysis on particular songs or artists in addition to covering news in the musical community. As of 2023, he has accumulated over 434,000 subscribers.

Why did Justin Hawkins grab the mic?

I had [The Darkness drummer] Rufus [Taylor] pull up the lyrics on his phone and I gave it a go, but in all honesty, I think Brian just wanted to create a memorable spontaneous moment and have a laugh so he could really push on and smash the rest of his set. Justin said in an interview.