What happened to Cameron Robbins? Search for U-high student missing in Bahamas intensifies

Cameron Robbins, a 18-year-old late secondary school move on from College Research facility School in Rod Rouge, Louisiana, is missing subsequent to overdoing it while on a graduation excursion to the Bahamas with companions.

School authorities said that Cameron Robbins, who graduated on Sunday, May 21, was out traveling with a gathering of understudies when he overdid it on Wednesday, May 24. Authorities added that the outing to the Bahamas was not authorized by the school. Robbins purportedly was on a celebratory excursion to Bahmas with a few Louisiana secondary school understudies nearby. A picture from the youngster’s Instagram page showed him presenting adjacent to his family upon the arrival of his graduation.

As of Thursday night, neighborhood specialists close by US coast watches are as yet looking for Cameron Robbins, who supposedly bounced over the edge from a dusk voyage on a challenge on Wednesday around 9.40 pm.

Specialists said that video taken following he hopped showed the previous U-High baseball player swimming close to the boat as a daily existence preserver drifted in the water.

The US coast monitor, in an explanation by means of Twitter On Thursday, said that they are helping with the quest exertion for the missing high schooler who fell over the edge from a dusk voyage in Nassau.

“Coast Gatekeeper teams are helping the Imperial Bahamas Guard Power with scan endeavors for a missing U.S. resident accepted to have fallen over the edge from a dusk journey close to Nassau, the previous night.”
The US coast watch added that they are giving air help with the quest for the missing adolescent, which is being driven by the Illustrious Regal Bahamas Protection Power.

Soon after Cameron Robbins was accounted for missing in the Bahamas, College Lab School Chief Kevin George gave an assertion loaning backing to the youngster’s loved ones. Robbins supposedly gone to the school for a very long time before he graduated on Sunday. George said:

George depicted Robbins as a capable competitor who played for the school’s ball club while he was an understudy for quite some time. George said that Robbins has a sister who is a Lesser at the Research center school. In the articulation, the chief said that advocates will be made accessible for understudies impacted by the fresh insight about Robbins’ vanishing. He added:

George said that the understudy of U-high held a request circle for the missing youngster for his protected return. On Thursday the understudies supposedly clasped hands outside the Research facility School, situated on the primary grounds of Louisiana State College.

“It’s a very close family. The children connected with us needing to be aware, if might they at some point do a request circle. Clearly, we concurred. We truly valued their administration in this trying time.” George advised ABC News that he addressed Robbins’ dad on Thursday, adding that it was a profoundly close to home time for everybody locally, who are passionately expecting his protected return.