What Happened To Mark Shoemaker And Nikki Shoemaker? Divorce Reason Of 90 Day Fiance Couple

90 Day Fiance’s couple, Mark and Nikki Shoemaker, has decided to part their ways from the marriage. The decision has left their fans speechless, with millions of questions unanswered. Let’s find out the details.

The couple got into the limelight as they starred on 90 Day Fiancé season 3 in 2015. The couple was the most controversial and moneymaker on the TLC’s reality show.

The show focused on couples who are engaged with each other. However, viewers were dumbfounded when they explored the couple’s 39 years of the age gap.

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90 Day Fiance: What Happened To Mark And Nikki Shoemaker? Details On The Couple Love Life

Mark and Nikki’s relationship was trending on the media after they starred as a couple on a reality show in 2013. Mark, the owner of a piano rental business, had been through the K-1 visa process once before joining the show.

He met his ex-Filipino wife in the 1980s and brought her to America on a visa that allows US citizen’s fiancee to enter. Mark is previously married to his first. However, the marriage didn’t last.

Mark had been single for 20 years and was raising his four children from his previous marriage. He met Nikki on a dating site and eventually traveled to the Philippines. Mark proposed to her with a zip tie instead of a ring, and she said yes.

The adorable couple got married in 2015, although their marriage only lasted about six years as Mark filed a divorce against his ex-wife Nikki.

Mark And Nikki Shoemaker Divorce Reason: Was Mark Cheating On Nikki?

After six years of marriage, Shoemaker has officially filed to divorce his wife, Nikki Shoemaker. The sudden news has baffled the internet across the couple’s fanbase.

The piano rental businessman, Mark, filed the case at the Baltimore County Circuit Court on March 2. However, the first case was disclosed by the judge.

Mark has been a tough cookie to crack when it comes to the reason for the split. Many people believed that he was engaged in cheating activities against his wife. However, the rumors have not been clarified.

They have been very confidential about their relationship after their exit from the show. Although, in 2017, Mark filed a complaint on TLC for portraying them badly on the show.

How Much Is Mark Shoemaker Worth? Net Worth 2022 Disclosed

Although, being a digital star, Mark’s bet worth is still a big question mark on the internet.

Mark reveals that he earns his livelihood from a piano rental business. Before joining the reality TV show, Mark was an underground name and was not popular. However, he gained a massive boost from the controversial show.

Since then, Mark has been a regular name on social media. He earns a chunk of money from social engagement. The piano rental businessman is expected to have a 1 million US dollars net worth.