What Happened To Matthew Kenney From Bad Vegan? Sarma Melngailis Ex Boyfriend As She Tells Her Side Of The Story

The genuine wrongdoing narrative “Awful Vegan: Fame, Fraud, Fugitives” has now shown up on Netflix.

Continuing in the strides of “The Tinder Swindler” and “Designing Anna,” “Awful Vegan” dives into the stunning genuine story of another co-craftsman as told by his female casualty.

In 2011, Shane Fox and Sarma Melngailis met on Twitter. Anthony Strangis, who was subsequently blamed for spending more than $1 million of Melngailis’ cash at club, expert watch stores, and lodgings, was uncovered to be Fox.

Melgailis and Strangis were captured in 2016 on claims of great robbery and misrepresentation.

As per The Independent, Melngailis got a four-month sentence while Strangis got a year.

In the main episode of “Awful Vegan,” watchers are acquainted with Matthew Kenney, a culinary expert who might be comfortable with foodies.

What Befell Matthew Kenney? Matthew Kenney is a superstar gourmet expert, creator, and business person from the United States who has some expertise in plant-based cooking.

In 1993, he constructed his first eatery, Matthew’s, in New York City, and was named “Food and Wine Magazine’s” Best New Chef the next year.

With the help of money manager Jeffrey Chodorow, Kenney and his then-sweetheart Melngailis established the plant-based café Pure Food and Wine in New York City in 2004.

Kenney filled in as the café’s first cook. Kenney had utilized Melngailis, a culinary school graduate, to function as a scientist on one of his cookbooks, and they had met in 2003.

Chelsea Clinton, Alec Baldwin, Jason Lewis, Stevie Wonder, Anne Hathaway, and Woody Harrelson were among the characters who regularly visited their eatery during the 2000s.

They worked together on the cookbook “Crude Food,” as well as “Read World: 100 Recipes to Get the Glow.”

Kenney suddenly quit Pure Food and Wine in 2005.

Chodorow uncovered in the Netflix narrative that he had gotten calls from both Kenney and Melngailis groaning about working with one another after a profoundly open separation.

Kenny and Melngailis at last separated expertly, with Melngailis keeping up with the eatery and assuming a $2 million obligation.

Is ‘The Bad Vegan’ Chef Married Now? Spouse At the hour of distributing this article, no data about Chef Matthew Kenney’s present relationship or spouse was accessible.

Matthew Kenney Net Worth In 2022 Matthew Kenny’s total assets is relied upon to be in the large numbers of dollars by 2022.

His vocation has kept on prospering since he left Pure Food and Wine.

Kenney has composed 12 cookbooks and opened vegetarian cafés everywhere, remembering for the United States, Bahrain, and Bogota, among others.

Matthew Kenney Cuisine and the Matthew Kenney Culinary Academy, a plat-based diet guidance organization, were additionally established by Kenney.

Moreover, Kenney has kept on building eateries and business endeavors in resulting years.

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