Who Are Camille and Shandra From Sex Love And Goop Netflix? Everything To Know

Camille and Shandra are the women seeking help in Netflix’s reality show, Sex Love and Goop. Here is more about the lesbian couple.

Camille and Shandra are American reality TV stars. They are on the hype as the cast of the new Netflix series, Sex Love and Goop.

Shandra knew about herself but she repressed her emotions. On the contrary, Camille did not know about her sexuality until she met Shandra in her 20s.

The two hit it off and started dating. But they could not bring the same charm to their bedroom and their historical past made things even worse.

Shandra could not enjoy any form of penetration. And both of them could not feel horny or act on their emotions. So, they sought the help of an expert.

Who Are Camille and Shandra From Sex Love And Goop?

Camille and Shandra from Sex Love and Goop are a lesbian couple.

The couple first met in the 20s and began their journey. They fell in love at a first sight but Camille was unaware of her sexuality till then.

In fact, she was dating a man with whom she broke up eventually. Besides, Sandra was repressing her sexuality because of her mother’s faith in Jehovah’s Witness.

All these things affected Camille and Shandra’s sex life. As a result, they could not get out of their heads and enjoy a romantic life.

Thus, they came to find help from an expert and began their intimate journey from Sex Love and Goop.

The professional details of Camille are unknown but Shandra is a bartender. Moreover, she films sports and works on television.

Camille and Shandra Age Revealed: Details On Family And Hometown

The age of both Camille and Shandra is between 25-35 years.

They have not shared their birthday details with the public. But they reside in Southern California and hold American citizenship.

The full name of the couple is Camille Slusher and Shandra Barrera. We have no clue about her hometown.

However, it seems that everything is fine between Camille, Shandra, and their family.

Find The Couple On Instagram

You can find both Camille and Shandra on Instagram.

Camille goes as @camillevelyn whereas Shandra posts as @shandrabarrera. In addition, they have amassed 746 and 616 followers respectively.

They often share each other’s pictures on social media with touchy captions.

Are Camille and Shandra Still Together?

Camille and Shandra are still together and in fact, they are engaged.

Shandra went down on her knees in November of 2020. She proposed to her with a gorgeous ring and Camille said ‘yes’.

Besides, it seems that they have overcome the problems in their intimate sector. The counseling and therapy from the experts seem to have worked well for them.