Who Did Ashley Reeves Marry? Did Sam Shelton Survivor Marry Danny?

According to the Lifetime true story “Left For Dead: The Ashley Reeves Story,” Ashley Reeves was an ordinary girl with everything she desired, including a loving partner and a large group of friends.

Ashley was a great student and basketball player at her school. At the same time, everything was going well until she fell for her teacher, Samson Shelton, who ruined her life.

On the other hand, Samson Shelton was Ashley’s seventh-grade teacher. Shelton was also a professional wrestler and a gym coach. They met again in February 2006, two months before she vanished.

Reeves went missing on April 27, 2006, and was found fit for life in a park for more than a day, according to the Illinois Daily Journal.

She was suffocated, her neck had been fractured, and she struggled to breathe when authorities found her. Samson Shelton was a high school teacher who knew Ashley and was charged with manslaughter after an investigation. The two first met at Reeves Middle School and later became romantically involved.

Ashley Reeves’ Husband: Who Is Jeremy Smith?

Reeves appeared to be in a happy relationship with Jeremy Smith at the time of the incident in late April 2006. As of this writing, no official reports on their marriage had been confirmed.

According to Cinemaholic, Reeves had been dating Jeremy Smith for nearly two years and was genuinely in love with him. However, it’s unclear whether the couple ever married or had a relationship.

Even though Ashley had a private relationship with Samson Shelton, her former seventh-grade teacher, Ashley’s parents also liked him. When Ashley went missing, investigators concentrated their efforts on Jeremy because he was thought to be the closest to her. During his interrogation, he claimed she was driving his car while he was out of town.

It’s unclear whether Jeremy Smith has children with Ashley Reeves. However, in 2017 in an interview with Crime Watch Daily, Ashley revealed that she has a stable family with two children. Aside from that, she hasn’t shown anything about her children or husband.

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Do Ashley Reeves marry Danny?

Danny was not her husband, but he was her boyfriend. He proposes to her when she is only 17 years old and gives her a promise ring.

However, the move backfires, with Ashley visibly shaken by the prospect of such a level of commitment so soon.

Ashley confides in teacher Sam Shelton about her dilemma of whether to continue her commitment to her boyfriend. She was confused if she should keep her options open, not only in terms of relationships but also in terms of life.

However, there is little information available about their relationship. They may have been in a short relationship, which explains why no information about their relationship has been made public.

Sam Shelton and Ashley Reeves’ Wedding Deatils

Reeved and Samson Shelton never had their wedding. They were, however, said to be in a relationship. Furthermore, Sam, aka Samson, stated in an interview following Ashely’s disappearance that she was becoming infatuated with him.

In addition, Sam and Ashley’s story is depicted in the Lifetime film “Left for Dead,’ where we can see that the couple was in a romantic relationship.

Sam also claimed to have hugged her in the back of his car to admit physical intimacy. After Ashley’s friends mentioned that they were having a romantic fling at the time, authorities approached him.

San also mentioned that he regretted his relationship with Ashley. So we knew that Sam and Asley never shared a marriage bond despite being in a relationship.