Who Is Emanuel Noir? Meet The Lead Singer Of Ke Personages Band

Emanuel Noir is the leader of the cumbia Ke Personages, a band from Entre Rios where he sings and leads, changing the paradigm of cumbia as we know it.

Emanuel Noir is the leader and singer of the band Ke Personages, an Argentina-based cumbia music group with a music video for the song “Como Estas” that has impressively surpassed over 50 million views.

The band is all the rage on YouTube with over 1.12 million subscribers, referred to the group’s six years of travel.

Bagged with a distinctive musical stamp and a musical journey of around six years, the band is already well-recognized throughout Argentina, including other countries.

Is Emanuel Noir On Wikipedia?

Emanuel Noir, known as the singer of the band Ke Personages is currently not featured on Wikipedia. The singer does not have his own official Wikipedia bio as of now.

However, he is a well-recognized personality in the music industry and is found on other wiki sites or online platforms.

The band tours from country to country, and everywhere they go, they proudly state that they are a group from Concepcion del Uruguay, Entre Rios.

Their popular covers include I enjoy, Hotel California, Woman lover, and their songs like the classic. How are you? which has reached more than 93,000,000 viewers.

Emanuel (leader and voice) is joined by other band members, namely Sebastian Boffelli (percussion), Enzo Martinez (guiro), and Joel Brem (keyboard) accompanied by the press officer, Juan Emanuel Alvarez.

More On Emanuel Noir: His Biografija

Emanuel Noir has upgraded his standards from singing in the back of the houses where he worked to the big stages and from the big steps to the armchair of Caja Negra, which is the News interview series.

The singer states that his reference is one of the most famous and well-recognized musical pieces in the world, Bob Marley. Emanuel was never interested in fame and always escaped from it.

At the young age of twenty years, old Emanuel suffered from depression when he was hospitalized for the second time with almost schizophrenia and paranoia due to psychotropic drugs.

The excessive consumption led him to three times near-death experiences. The overdose caused him to become depressed with several suicide attempts; even when he was in the hospital, he was about to blow his head off, Noir said in an interview.

How Old Is Emanuel Noir? His Edad

As the leader of the band Ke Personajes, Emanuel Noir has piqued the interest of his admirers, who wants to know his actual age as the singer has not revealed his exact birth details to date.

The band’s lead singer is assumed to be thirty-three years old in 2022, as Emanuel has said he was thirty-two in an interview taken a year before.

Noir worked as a bricklayer to playing for Kun Aguero and streaming with Diego Maradona, the Argentine professional football player.

Emanuel still recalls that having made streaming for Maradona, knowing the legend listened to their music, was the best thing.

Meet Ke Personages On Instagram

Ke Personages is easily approachable on Instagram under the username @kepersonajes. The account is verified and appears with a blue badge accumulating 490k followers and 371 posts.

The band regularly posts their concerts highlights and career-related stuff on their Instagram profile. Over the years, they have successfully garnered the attention of enormous viewers.

From the very beginning, Emanuel told the boys that they were going to go wherever God wanted, and there they would shake hands and say, ‘this is how far we got.’ Well, we can see how far Ke Personajes has come.