Who Is Geoffrey Cox Wife Jeanie Cox?

Jeanie is the wife of the British Tory party’s Geoffrey Cox. He also worked as a lawyer and adviser in the UK. Personal information regarding Jeanie is not available to the public. However, we do know that her maiden name is Jeanie MacDonald.

Jeanie and Geoffrey have been married for over 36 years. The couple got married in early 1985. As her husband is in the political field, not much about Jeanie is disclosed to the public for their family’s safety.

Does Jeanie Cox Have Instagram?

It seems like Jeanie Cox is not available on Instagram. Jeanie Cox is not on any social media site. She appears to be a private person and does not like to share her life in the limelight.

Her husband Geoffrey also does not have an Instagram account. However, he does seem to be active on sites like Facebook and Twitter. He posts about political issues and elections on his social media pages.

Jeanie Cox Age And Family- How Many Children Does They Have?

Jeanie has three children with Geoffrey. They have one daughter and two sons Charlotte, James, and Jonathan. 

The three children were born and raised in rural Denton and attended the local school in the area. Other details regarding the three children are not disclosed to the public as of now.

Jeanie has been living with her family in West Devon, near Tavistock, London, for decades. Their family is very reputed in their community. They own a brown dog belonging to the boxer breed.

What Is Jeanie Cox Net Worth?

Jeanie’s net worth is not available at the moment. However, her net worth is tied with that of her husband, Geoffry Cox. According to All Famous Birthdays, Geoffrey has over $1.5 million and is growing.

It is only an estimation, and the actual number could be much higher. It wouldn’t be wrong to assume that Jeanie’s net worth is also in the millions if we match Joeffry’s.