Who Is Jonathan Toebbe Wife Diana Toebbe?

Jonathan Toebbe is married to his wife and partner of a long time, Diana Toebbe. 

Well, when they got married or how they met is not revealed yet, but we sure do know that they have been together for quite some time. 

Interestingly, Jonathan is just 42 years old but his wife Diana is about 3 years older than him, about 45 years old. 

Talking about who she is, she was a teacher until the recent revelation of her culprit nature, as she took part in her husband’s crimes. 

Diana was a teacher at a school near their $430,000 house in Annapolis. She was a part of the upper-level faculty at Key School and she had been working there for over 10 years. 

Meet Jonathan Toebbe Family On Facebook

Jonathan Toebbe lived with his family in Annapolis, Maryland, United States. 

His family consisted of his wife and 2 kids, but there is nothing much available about who his kids are or how old they are. 

Also, their family was not very open to the people in their neighborhood, so there is no information regarding their social life either. 

Talking about Facebook, we have yet not found him individually on Facebook, but there are many sources on Facebook that have provided information about the case. 

Why Is Jonathan Toebbe Arrested?

Jonathan Toebbe, along with his wife, was arrested by the FBI and the official authorities in charges of espionage. 

He and his wife were secretly providing national information to a foreign country, name not revealed, by putting SD cards with valuable data in between sandwiches. 

But what’s surprising is the fact that who they were thinking is a foreign national, was an undercover FBI agent. 

They were provided with thousands of dollars worth of cryptocurrency, while some sources claim the amount to be $70,000, there is yet no clarity to it. 

They were eventually found out doing this and they are not arrested; however, the charges and counts are not revealed yet. 

It is sure that they will both face some time in prison, but the exact duration will be revealed after the trial.