Who is Katie Kimmel, Jimmy Kimmel’s daughter? 6 quick facts

From creating iconic food art with humorous facial expressions to TV shows, Katie Kimmel nails it all the time. After all, she’s the eldest of one of America’s most famous animated shows, Jimmy Kimmel. Like her father, she incorporates humor into her work. The Los Angeles-based artist and actress has us cracking up with her fun creations ranging from food to cute animals. Get to know Katie Kimmel in these 6 facts.

Who is Katie Kimmel?

Katherine “Katie” Kimmel was born to JamesChristian Kimmel, host and executive producer of the late-night talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live! on ABC. Born August 28, 1991, she is the first of two children he fathered during his first marriage to Gina Maddy (m. 1988; div. 2002). The other is his younger brother Kevin (born in 1993).

She is known for both her television roles and her prowess in the artistic world. As an actress, she appeared on The Men’s Show (1999) and Crank Yankers (2002). She produces aesthetic works in the Mojave Desert, California, which she showcases and sells on her website.

Growing up, she had this impulse that propelled her towards creativity and every time she creates, the product is usually a sight for sore eyes. Katie Kimmel attended art school, The Art Institute of Chicago, where she studied ceramics, video and painting. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2015.

She’s always been into children’s crafts, but has developed her general craftsmanship over the years with a better idea of ​​what she should be doing. In addition, she likes to write biographies in the third person.

6 Quick Facts About Jimmy Kimmel’s Daughter

1. family

As mentioned earlier, Katie is the offspring of famous television personality Jimmy Kimmel. However, her father is not the only celebrity in the family. The family seems like one hell of a famous fate. His mother, Gina, while popular as Jimmy’s ex-wife, is more than a celebrity wife; She is a fashion designer and has several concerts under her belt. Kevin is an actor and filmmaker. He is also a production assistant for his father’s talk show.

Following his parents’ divorce, his father dated comedian Sarah Silverman for many years before marrying his second wife, Molly McNearney in 2013. Molly is a co-writer on his show and the duo are fathers of two; a daughter named Jane (born in 2014) and a son named Billy (born in 2017).

Also, Katie is the first cousin of comedian Sal Iacono and actress Ivy Iacono.
She is also the granddaughter of Frank Potenza known as Uncle Frank on the Jimmy Kimmel show where he served as Jimmy’s director until his death in 2011. Her aunt Jill Kimmel is a comedian, a actress and a writer. His uncle Jonathan Kimmel, married to Carly Kimmel, writer/speaker is a director, writer, producer, actor, composer for television and film.

2. She’s no stranger to the insecurities most artists face

Like most creative people, there comes a time in their career when it feels like they’re not doing well, even though they’re getting a lot of acclaim for their works. For Katie Kimmel, it’s no different. She sometimes thinks not of herself as an artist, but also quickly noticed that those feelings are part of what makes her the artist. As she puts it so well, she became an artist when she started to have this feeling.

3. Katie Kimmel is also an art collector.

To excel in the chosen career, one must must have an external force if not an inner push or an inspiration that propels one forward. Katie, above all, draws inspiration from her collection of trinkets which she says is enough to make her institutionalized. She loves tchotchkes and petty porcelain dolls and maybe she needs more inspiration. She visits an unusual place, such as an antique shopping center or a good sale of real estate.

4. His father is proud of his creations and would do everything possible to protect his rights

In 2017, Jimmy was embroiled in controversy after calling out a clothing brand known as Reformation for stealing his daughter’s design ideas. However, said brand refuted their claims, saying they have a deep respect for artistic integrity and would never reproduce or appropriate an artist’s work without proper permission. Case closed!

5. Ceramic is its best medium for production

Although she loved sculpture, it couldn’t satisfy her as much as ceramics. As a child, she took ceramics classes and fell in love with the media, but when a friend reintroduced her to art in her second year of college, she became his mainstay ever since.

With tactile material, she feels more accomplished and connected to a finished ceramic sculpture than she does with any other medium. In addition to working with ceramics, she enjoys pampering her neurotic dog and surfing the web.

6. His creativity and originality are at the top

Being well aware that creativity is work, Katie strives to keep her works original, even if that means eating different things for lunch every day to get a feel for her culinary art. She loves food with faces so much, cute and lovable dogs (inspired by her dog’s vases), and caring for the adult through such relatable doodles. His ceramic sculptures include food, fruit and kitchen objects with simplistic, funny, but overly cheerful and restless faces. The artist also represents a real sense of creativity and as such, whatever she ends up creating is always full of personality and spirit.

As an illustrator, painter and sculptor, her works also celebrate materialism and consumer habits. Plus, her sense of humor isn’t limited to food but is unleashed on everything she touches, from vivid illustrations to quoted clothing designs and quirky, cute ceramics.