Who Is Lori Ann Talens Husband Pacifico Talens Jr? Couple Sentenced To Prison For $31 M Fraud Scheme

43-year-old Pacifico Talens Jr is the husband of Virginia woman Lori Ann Talens who scammed Instagram users of 31.8 million dollars in the last three years.

Pacifico Talens Jr is the husband of criminal Lori Ann Talens. She got convicted of wire fraud, healthcare fraud, and mail fraud.

The lady used her design skills to pull off the biggest scam in the country.

They started targeting victims as early as April of 2017.

They were successful in hiding from authorities for so long because Lori used cryptocurrency as payment.

After getting caught, they got sentenced to 20 years in jail.

Who is Pacifico Talens J? Husband of Lori Ann Talens

Pacifico Talens Jr is the husband of Lori Ann Talents. The couple made news when Lori sold 31.8 million dollars worth of counterfeit coupons to shoppers.

A 41-year-old woman from Virginia has then used all her money for home renovations and high-end vacations.

The FBI reported that Lori is a graphic design master and used her skill to manipulate barcodes. The pair got so into making fake coupons that it was in nearly every crevice of their residence.

Indeed, she found her targets through social media and got paid more than 400,000 just through cryptocurrency.

Pacifico Talens Jr Wikipedia And Age

Pacifico Talens Jr is a 43-year-old man from Virginia. He and his wife are known criminals that duped people for 31.8 million dollars.

Talen is of American nationality. From his pictures, he seems to be of mixed race.

He and his wife sold fake coupons to Instagram users. Before the vouchers could be deemed phony, the pair were already off with their money.

With Lori’s background in marketing, she was intelligent enough to know just what to say.

Is Pacifico Talens Jr On Facebook? Picture Update

Pacifico Talens Jr is not on Facebook. The picture of his wife is on the face of every headline.

The duo successfully pulled off the biggest fraud case in the country.

The woman of Asian descent used her knowledge in the industry and careful planning and plotting to find and dupe victims.

Are Pacifico Talens Jr And Lori Ann Talens Going To Jail? Details About Their Sentence

Pacifico Talens Jr and his wife Lori are indeed going to jail.

According to the hill, the judge ruled for Lori to get 12 years in jail for fraud. Her husband is to serve seven-year in prison for supporting her schemes.

Although Talens was not a direct accomplice of Lori, he supported her.

We are unsure when they will enter the prison, but they are not coming out anytime soon.