Nev Wilshire Wife And Family

The identity of Nev Wilshire’s wife remains unknown to this point as the TV personality never opened about his romantic life.

Wilshire was a clear person regarding his works and on-screen roles but he made sure not to reveal much about his personal life.

As a result, the outside media never got familiar with his spouse and the detail remains pretty far from the public’s radar.

Nev has four children in his family as DailyMail mentions him as the father of four.

Moving onto his family, Wilshire’s parents’ names and identity details are also unavailable on the internet.

However, it is known that his father was a professor of metallurgy at Swansea University.

His mother gave up on her career in botany to take care of Wilshire, including his two brothers.

How Old Was Nev Wilshire?

Nev Wilshire was aged 61 years old at the time of his passing.

He was born in 1960, in Pennard, Gower, and first worked for a builder’s merchant.

Nev eventually moved to sales at the age of 24 and set up his own company.

Eventually moving up the ladder, he starred in the BBC series in 2013 after he ascended the throne as CEO of Save Britain Money in 2010.

What Was Nev Wilshire Net Worth?

Nev Wilshire reportedly had a net worth value of around $5- $10 million.

He made a pretty good amount of money as the CEO of Saving Britain Money and also from the BBC show.

Thus, it is sure that the late personality left behind a pretty good fortune.

Regardless, the obvious sources have not yet confirmed his valuation. Thus, the above figure is only an estimated value based on his career.

What Was Nev Wilshire Death Cause?

Although Nev Wilshire’s exact death cause was not revealed, there are rumors of him dying due to COVID.

The obituary didn’t open up about the possible reasons for demise but there are talks on social media.

Wilshire was reportedly admitted to a hospital because of an illness and some people think that he was suffering from COVID complications.

Nonetheless, the roots of these talks are yet to be proved and thus the actual grounds remain undisclosed.