Who Was Timothy Starks? Miami Shooting Update As Palmetto Expressway Incident Is Being Investigated

Timothy Starks has been identified as the victim of the Miami shooting at Palmetto Expressway.

A shooting took place in Miami on 16th March which took the life of one individual and injured the other, This news can be found all over the internet and aired on TV channels as well.

Amid the nature of the incident is being unraveled, the identity of the victims are being vigorously searched. It is obvious people want to know about the individual who lost his life beforehand due to shooting out of blue.

Who Was Timothy Starks?

Timothy Starks has been identified as the man who got killed in a shooting while he was in a car at Palmetto Expressway. Along with the driver in the vehicle while he died the other one got critically injured but survived.

Timothy was 20 years old and had his whole life ahead of him but the unexpected incident took away his dreams, aspirations, and the urge to live. His parents have not appeared on the media but they are devasted with their son’s death news.

However, the injured victim Dante’s parents revealed that their son was alive and fine. Even though he was shot in his abdomen, he was immediately airlifted to the nearest hospital and he seems to be well now.

Timothy Starks Death Cause Revealed

Timothy Starks’ death cause is the shooting that occurred in Okeechobee Road, near the rampway from the northbound lanes of the Palmetto expressway. He was shot by an unknown person and was pronounced dead on the spot.

There has been no revelation on the suspect by the police yet but the investigations are going on a full scale. It might be easier as one of the witnesses is well and alive and can recall the incident.

As per the officers, Timothy and Dante were in a red Sedan when someone shot both of them. After the incident, the car came into a collision with a barrier wall that was concrete. Further, it was found out that the spotted Sedan had multiple shots depicting a serious shooting.

Miami Shooting Update

Until now, the police have recognized the two victims and they are investigating the case for the suspects. There has been no statement by the authorities and netizens will have to wait for it to be public.