Why Is Expedition Bigfoot Season 4 Not On Discovery Plus?

Expedition Bigfoot season 4 is not on Discovery Plus because of the licensing restrictions. Season 4 is streaming on Discovery and Travel Channel.

Expedition Bigfoot cast includes Mireya Mayor, Russell Acord, Ronny Le Blanc, Bryce Johnson, and Ryan Golembeske.

Season 4 of the show was released on August 30 on Travel Channel. Currently, two episodes have been released, and episode three will premiere on September 13.

Since the last episode of Season 3 on June 19, 2022, the news about the show released on Discovery Plus has become quite popular.

Fans of this show were eagerly waiting for the release, but to their disappointment, it has been released only on the Discovery channel and not on Discovery Plus yet.

The show follows the journey of five experts as they engage in a hunt to discover undeniable evidence of Bigfoot, a strange creature that escaped disclosure.

The journey shows the real-life adventure of these experts. With the successful completion of three seasons, the show has managed to garner positive feedback from critics and viewers.

Why Is Expedition Bigfoot Season 4 Not On Discovery Plus?

Expedition Bigfoot Season 4 is not on Discovery Plus because of licensing restrictions and geo-limitations. However, Season 1 to 3 is available on Discovery+.

It is an interesting show for those who like adventure, and suspense and to learn about mysterious creatures.

With the help of technology, science, and a team of experts, remote and abandoned places in the United States are visited where Bigfoot was seen for a long.

Fans were anxiously waiting for the release of season 4 on Discovery Plus, but as of now, it is only available on Discovery and Travel Channel.

A fan on Reddit said, “I was excited until I found out they’re not releasing it on Discovery Plus or Max until the season is over,”

Since the show is available in some countries and not in others, there are different opinions among fans.

Another fan wrote, “Guessing it’s just like Expedition Unknown and Expedition X. They seem to be waiting until after the season (on regular Discovery) is over before posting to Discovery Plus or Max.”

The comments led to the conclusion that for some reason Discovery Plus is making new episodes available on the Discovery Channel first.

However, in many cases, streaming services are not granted the contractual rights to publish or release a particular content to be consumed on demand.

So, in such cases for the content to be available, it might take some time. Moreover, all shows and episodes are not available to stream on all devices due to the same restriction reasons.

In that case, if you want to know when the show or episode will be available, you can contact the help center through their website.

Will Expedition Bigfoot Season 4 Be On Discovery Plus?

Yes, Expedition Bigfoot will soon be on Discovery Plus. It will drop on Discovery Plus on November 2, 2023.

With its final season on the go, Expedition Bigfoot is currently not available on Discovery Plus. It is streaming on cable channels including Travel Channel and Discovery Go.

But just like the fans observed, Season 4 will be released on Discovery Plus after the completion of the show on regular cable channels.

In a YouTube video, Ronny Leblanc, one of the experts from the show announced the date for the release of the whole series on Discovery Plus and Max.

Expedition Bigfoot Season 4 on Discovery Plus is expected to be released on the second of November, 2023.

There will be eight episodes in this season, similar to that of season 1.

Season 2 and 3, had 14 episodes on each season and the show lasted for nearly four months.

This season, the team is headed to Alaska. On the premiere of the show, after discovering some mysterious clues about Bigfoot, they head to Prince of Wales Island, Alaska in search of the creature.

In the upcoming episode 3, scheduled to release on September 13 on Travel Channel, clues of veiled Bigfoot guide the team to investigate the abandoned mine.

They use a robotic dog to explore the mine and discover some bizarre evidence.

Ronny and Mireya stay in a muddy area and find out that something dangerous is lurking for them. Bryce goes on after a frightening 60-year-old Bigfoot encounter.

Till the time the show is not available on Discovery+, you can watch similar shows like Expedition Unknown, Mountain Monsters, Expedition X, Portals to Hell, Ghost Adventure, and many others.

Apart from Expedition Bigfoot, two other must-watch Bigfoot documentaries streaming on Discovery Plus are Bigfoot is Real and Bigfoot: Fear in the Woods.

How To Watch Expedition Bigfoot Season 4?

You can watch Expedition Bigfoot Season 4 by sy subscribing to some streaming services and enjoying their free trial. You can watch Expedition Bigfoot Season 4 on Philo, FuboTV, and DirecTV Stream.

Or you can buy the episodes on Apple TV for $13.44, or Amazon Prime Video, and Vudu for $13.99.

These options are best for those who do not have the traditional cable network.

Expedition Bigfoot has become a popular show, and fans are opting for different methods to watch the show. Some even use a VPN to access the content.

Before you watch season 4, have a look at this amazing preview.

The popularity of the show is also because of the real specialists involved who are aware of what they are doing.

Moreover, the locations and advanced technology used in the show make it more appealing and scientifically backed.

Through the following streamers, you can watch season 4 of Expedition Bigfoot.

1. Philo

Philo is an OTT internet live TV streaming service that provides more than 60 lifestyle and entertainment channels including AMC, BET, MTV, and many others.

The subscription cost is $25 per month and subscribers can log in up to three devices at a particular time. Philo offers a seven-day free trial and after two days you will have the option to either subscribe or not.

2. FuboTV

FuboTV is another streaming service that offers a seven-day free trial. After that, your subscription automatically converts to a paid subscription, unless to log out at the end of the trial period.

FuboTV has three plans: Pro costs $74.99/month, Elite costs $84.99/month, and Premier costs $94.99/month. There are more than 120 news, entertainment, and sports channels that come with the subscription.

3. DirecTV Stream

DirecTV Stream offers a variety of live and On Demand content through its various plans that start from $64.99/month and ends at around $154.99/month.

It offers a five-day free trial.