Why is Jessica Alba successful? What business did Jessica Alba start?

Jessica Alba played a variety of characters in later movies. In the dramedy Dear Eleanor (2014), she portrayed a cabaret performer. In the romantic comedy Some Kind of Beautiful (2014), she portrayed the athletic girlfriend of an English professor.

In the thriller Stretch (2014), she portrayed a limo company receptionist. In the crime comedy Barely Lethal (2015), she portrayed an emotionally fragile weapons trafficker. In the horror movie The Veil (2016), she portrayed a documentary filmmaker. These movies had a small number of theater showings and were also accessible on sites for video on demand.

In the 2016 action movie Mechanic: Resurrection, Alba played the fiancée of a former hitman, co-starring with Jason Statham. She trained in Krav Maga in order to get ready for the part, and she was proud of the courage that her character displayed.

She said it was refreshing for her to bring toughness and heart to the table because often in movies of this genre, the female romantic lead is saved by the male protagonist. Resurrection made $125.7 million in worldwide box office revenue.

A new documentary series called “Parenting Without Borders” (working title) will debut on Disney+ with Alba as both the star and executive producer. The show will investigate the attitudes and parenting techniques of families from various cultural backgrounds.

Why is Jessica Alba successful?

What business did Jessica Alba start? She began performing at an early age and appeared in a number of well-known TV shows and motion pictures. She established The Honest Company, which distributes green baby goods, in 2003. The business has achieved tremendous success, and Jessica has multiplied her personal fortune many times over.